January 26, 2010

Bainimarama's son-in-law pines for access to NZ

So this must be what Bainimarama's recent focus on NZ is all about.

It's all because his son-in-law, and once-upon-a-time rugby player for Massey University wants to relive his glory day's aspires to complete his rugby coaching certificate in NZ, thereby reducing NZ (and Aust) to receive all manner of unnecessary and illogical pressure advising them to ease up on visa bans for the military regime and their families.

Too bloody bad Mr Sorovaki.

It is unlikely that even the IRB will be able to move the NZ Government on this issue.


Anonymous said...

So sad too bad. Looks like the poor little boy made a mistake marrying a pariah's daughter. G

Tim said...

Wouldn't be the first rugby player to have stuffed up badly. If we allow this SILOAB (son-in-law-of-a-bastard) access, we'll of course have to pardon every other rugby player of their sins and crimes.