January 27, 2010

A New Constitution and A New Fiji (Yaaaaaaaaaaawn)

With increasing stealth akin only to animals associated with slyness, after the usefulness of the the Kadavuan chiefs in the media has subsided, the military regime orchestrates more echoes of support to falsely illustrate both spontaneity and a issue of national priority.

Bainimarama's key supporter within the Chamber of Commerce via its President Swani Maharaj, is cued to now pipe out of left field the need for a new Constitution that must address race issues and take into account the "one vote one value" ethos. Unless this chap is illiterate, he must not have taken the time to read, understand and appreciate the current Constitution which clearly upholds and directs the State to respect equality among the citizens of this country.

In their orchestrated "synchronised" fashion, this is then the cue for Bainimarama to herald his vision of "A New Fiji by 2014"...yaaaaaaaawn again...and try to revive his failed Charter mission by ensuring that 64% of the populace really do support it. Perhaps that is why he is now trail-blazing off to Verata

As if to reassure the populace (because he's been caught out on his lies ever since he executed the coup), Bainimarama cements his false promises of this "New Fiji" by once again pledging that elections will really, really, really be held in 2014.

While that's happening, another scripted signal is then given to Bainimarama's illegal Permanent Secretary, Pio Tikoduadua to announce that their "open and transparent" national dialogue forum is still on track to roll out in February. Naturally this meeting will be open and transparent a'la Bainimarama and is therefore skewed to exclude Qarase and his cohorts.

In case many are unaware, this farce of a national dialogue forum is supposed to be the forum that precedes the new Constitution. It would be natural to therefore ask where the open transparency is in that, if members of the public are going to be invited merely to rubber-stamp their plans?

The military regime as far as we know is still looking for a Chairperson to make this happen, and they're probably still looking for the funds to put it all together.

Whatever the case the whole farce is an exercise in futility and a total waste of resources.

We'd advise everyone not to be used by these treasonous terrorists to validate their illegal plans.


Tim said...

No doubt there's a PR company gearing up to reap thousands, a new band of opportunists waiting in the wings to assist, and a line of others including academics and media people claiming expertise in Fijian affairs (based on the fact they once lived there, and usually in priviledged lifestyle) - all waiting to assist. Frank - when recruiting, please ensure you allow for a per diem and goods and services tax. (GST in NZ is currently 12.5%, and anything less than $300 a day they'd consider an insult).

discombobulated said...

Hear hear - hip hip hooray for telling it like it is ... vinaka Intelly !!!!

Anonymous said...

Bring in more Sri Lankans!! They'll sell out cheaply for a few sheckles!!!