January 22, 2010

Teleni Say's Suva is Crime Free

...and for once we wholeheartedly agree with Teleni. Yes Sirree Suva is indeed Crime Free.

The reason why Suva is crime free is because all the major crims are illegally governing the nation, while the smaller crims are being given second chances, they will have access to cellular phone communications, they'll be inducted into the game of basketball or other sports, and be given priority access to land upon their release.

Hell Yes there's something wrong with this picture! It's so wrong that life as a crim might begin to look mighty enticing for many.

1 comment:

FijiGirl said...

So my bhaini neighbour can't have been robbed, then. She must have WANTED to GIVE the thugs her purse, without knowing it.
Puhleez. Just because they can't be bothered to count the crimes (or perhaps they simply can't count in the first place), does not mean these are not taking place.
God bless Fiji