April 01, 2010

FASANOC's Vidhya Lakhan can't understand English

We're wondering why it is so difficult for FASANOC's Vidya Lakhan to understand that COMMONWEALTH rules also bind COMMONWEALTH sports participation regardless of our membership.

As a sports administrator he should only be appreciative of the importance of rules and sticking to them.
Court upholds Fiji Commonwealth Games ban
Posted at 05:40 on 01 April, 2010 UTC

The Court of Arbitration for Sports has dismissed the appeal against Fiji’s ban from the Commonwealth Games.

Fiji was banned after being suspended from the Commonwealth for failing to hold elections.

The country’s National Olympic Committee had argued that politics and sport are separate, and that Fiji had a good case for appealing the decision.

It's president, Vidya Lakhan, says he has only been told that the appeal has been turned down, not the reasons why.

“We can’t seem to understand how the decision could have gone against us because the Commonwealth Games Federation constitution says if your country is in the Commonwealth, then your athletes can take part. That was the basis of our appeal, to CAS. We’re very much interested in finding out the grounds on which our appeal has been dismissed.”

Vidya Lakhan.


Lakhams mum said...

What part of "you are not going to the Commonwealth Games" do you not understand dimwit???

Anonymous said...

Mum Lakh

Thats basically the part he does not understand..."not going" means "can go" to the dumb c#@t.

Just like re-employing a convict is cleaning up coruption to the Baini Marama regime

Anonymous said...

...and which part of the word "suspended" don't you understand!!!!. Repeat after me "Fiji is no longer part of the Commonwealth so you don't have any basis for appeal"....you dimwitX2

Anonymous said...

Tell the dictator and bully to do something about it mate.I can never stand looking at his picture in the news.From the navy to dictating things for my country is unbearable to see.I just wanted to kick his a....God bless my Fiji.