April 09, 2010

Taxpayers to pay up to 50% more for butter and milk from tomorrow

Thanks for nothing Rewa Dairy.

Josefa Serulagilagi's extended familial "ties" to Bainimarama lobbying has successfully gotten them a 40-50% price hike for butter and milk with effect from tomorrow.

We can just imagine the consumer hoarding that's going go down at supermarkets tonight.

What's more today's news that the flawed military regime approach to food stamps show's that those living in poverty clearly welcomed free access to these dairy products. 

We guess that trend will be short-lived.

Time to put your purchasing power to work folks.

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Anonymous said...

Its new regulation to meet IMF rules. You will be sucked clean by this gang. Go check out what IMF has done to every country they get their hooks into. Bye fish, bye trees, bye gold, bye land, bye what you got. only the RULING ELITE WILL PROSPER.