April 22, 2010

Tourism Lobby: Gay People Are Welcome in Fiji

If you questioned before our frequent allegations levelled against the Tourism Lobby especially where they openly dictate and/or support polices to/of this military regime, this latest news should clear all doubts.

Once again, the Tourism Lobby have unilaterally decided OVER the majority of citizens that Gay People Are Welcome in Fiji.

Once again, we assert that we have no quarrel with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual (LGBT) individuals as we see them as human beings first and foremost.

Our beef is with the Tourism Lobby who continue to think that ONLY what their sector decrees matters much more over what We the Majority of the populace want.

Seeing as the Tourism Lobby is so keen to open their arms to LGBT money from abroad, it begs the question of what Tourism Fiji have done to advance the respect for LGBTs in Fiji?

It smells like total hypocrisy and greed to us.
Fiji has open policy on gay tourists
Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tourism Fiji says it doesn’t have any problem with Fiji being described as a ‘gay-friendly’ destination.

Fiji was described as such by a US travel agent in a San Diego Gay and Lesbian News website.

Sylvie Eidson who has been to Fiji three times, writes on the website that she’s been thrilled to find how open and gay-friendly Fiji continues to be.

Tourism Fiji Chairman Patrick Wong says Fiji is open to anyone who wants to come to our shores.

“Fiji is probably the friendliest place in the world and we have an open policy. And we invite those who are interested to come to Fiji. They need to share with us our culture, tradition and heritage – that is what tourism is all about.”

Wong adds that the gay sector is a discerning market.

“The gay segment of the market is the high-end of the market. Really at the end of the day tourism doesn’t discriminate anybody. Tourism bridges the gap between people.”


Anonymous said...

As you suggest in a previous post, the GLBT community are merely being used a pawns, and while I do not question the need for any "minority" to be respected and treated fairly, I do question her motives.
And as for the Tourism industry, the only commitment they have to the GLBT communities is either to make money off them INCLUDING paying some of them a pittance.
It's all a bit like the rednecks claiming not to be racist: "I'm not racist, some of my best frenz are murries".
It reminds me of a Fiji motelier (ex pat NZer) once interviewed on RNZ moaning about how hard done by he was because of the downturn (caused by the coup), yet suppotive of it! If it gets much worse he said - I'll just have to go back to NZ and go on the dole.
He should consider himself damn lucky he has that option!

ella said...

Nice Article!

good to hear that there are lots of gay vacation places today, or simply places where LGBT are welcomed very much, just like Fiji. In addition to those places is Hawaii. Actually, we’ve been there for a gay vacation, a retreat themed “gay travel hawaii“. She said it was great there, so why not give a try? :)