November 26, 2010

Budget D-Day

Despite all the fanfare from the regime's fan-club, the much glitzed up inconvenience to the tax-payers in addition to Bainimarama's unavailability to deliver the budget address amidst the rumours of his ill-health, his crumbling alliance and chilled relations with Fiji Water (despite Sharon John's fluff)--- the budget will only confirm what we already know. Fiji is broke.

The proof of course will be in the pudding. But the signs cannot be any clearer. Lashing out at one of the country's main exporters at this critical time is a sign that they're floundering.

Presumptiously asserting that Australia will change their tune on Fiji just because Hilary Clinton wants better access to PNG's LNG endowment is a shallow uptake that only Bainimarama excels in. The reality is more global in nature.

But by 11am Fiji time today we'll know for sure what's going down in all things fiscal.

One thing that cannot be disputed is that We The People will have to continue bear the burden of carrying this illegal and treasonous regime.

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