November 30, 2010

Central Bank Chief "On Holiday"

While the sky is falling on all things fiscal in Fiji, the Central Bank chief is "on holiday" -- a much questioned absence that was also picked up by "the media" during the recent budget hoo-ha, who laid it down as follows:
A notable absence was the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji Sada Reddy. FBC News was informed that Mr. Reddy is on leave.
Saturday's Fiji Times has his absence (and the alleged reasons for his absence) as follows:
Saturday, November 27, 2010
Local News in Brief

Governor on 'holiday'
RESERVE Bank of Fiji governor Sada Reddy is on holiday with his family in New Zealand, deputy governor Barry Whiteside said. Mr Whiteside, however, would not confirm nor deny claims that the central bank was investigating allegations that Mr Reddy transferred a hefty sum of money into his bank account in New Zealand. "That is the truth, Mr Reddy is on holiday. Everyone is entitled to take leave and he is taking leave with his family in NZ," said Mr Whiteside. Asked about the investigations, he responded: "I prefer not to answer those questions, it is more personal. At this time, I can't answer those questions."

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