November 26, 2010

Cyclone headed this way...

Mother Nature always has the last word.

To rain on Aiyaz's parade as poser finance-guru-of-the-hour, a public advisory is already out heralding an oncoming Tropical Cyclone.

Notwithstanding the fact that they've probably forgotten to budget for possible damages, we bet the Met Office and early warning technology was also forgotten in terms of budget injections for their critical role.

Despite the long, wordy speech, the fact of the matter is that:
  • there's a huge short-fall of $216million in which to keep the government operational according to their calculations;
  • once again all the eggs are in the basket of the ailing sugar industry which is being "manned" by military sorts;
  • the people once again bear the brunt of keeping the illegal and treasonous regime afloat with a VAT hike of 2.5%;
  • the much touted USD$150millions cannot be paid despite STRONG advice clearly showing that we would not be able to service it.

Open up your wallets citizens and keep paying for inefficiency, corruption and treason.

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