February 25, 2011

Local Media reports that Ben Padarath appeared in Court

No surprises really about this extremely sterile account of Ben Padarath's recent haul-up by Bainimarama's military operatives.
What is not mentioned is the fact that Padarath turned up in court on Monday in a wheelchair, looking pretty under the weather, and that in court he gave a full account of his physical abuse which sources report also include the use of a bottle in a sexually perverse way.
Ben Padarath appears in court
Friday, February 25, 2011

Suva businessman Ben Padarath appeared at the Suva magistrate court this week charged with one count of concealing government documents.

No plea was taken when he appeared before magistrate Kaweendra Nannaykkar.

Magistrate Nannaykkar has given time for Padarath to enter a plea.

Padarath is represented by Suva lawyer Rajend Chauhdry.

The case is adjourned to April 11, 2011.

Report by: Stanley Simpson


Anonymous said...

the media were censored. Padarath appeared in a wheel chair

ex Fiji tourist said...

"""Nannaykkar has given time for Padarath to enter a plea."""

reading between the lines:- "So he can open his eyes to see me and be able to open his jaws again so he can talk".

These so called 'journalist' must be ashamed of themselves if they call this crap 'reporting.

Thank God for giving us blogs like Inttelligentsiya so that we can read the truth.