April 09, 2009

Oh Come ON!

Like we said. The President's Political Dialogue Forum was farcical from Day 1 and the engagement of the Commonwealth and the UN in the first instance was simply to humor them.

Why certain parties express surprise therefore has us shaking our heads in disbelief.

Get the memo now folks. Bainimarama will not negotiate with political opposition to his vision. If the copy of his letter to the 4 isolated political parties is anything to do by, the military junta’s PM is still deluded as ever in relation to their dream that they are backed by a 64% of the populace’s acceptance of the charter and of course the junta court’s verdict on the coup as being legal.

As if to prove his delusion, Bainimarama ludicrously beseeches the favored few political parties “not to be selfish”. WTF ever mate.

But we have not forgotten that Driti let the cat out of the bag about what and who to exclude weeks ago, backed up by the junta's chief stooge, Ganilau. Bainimarama is just carrying on with the plan.

Jone Dakuvula, the ex-CCF stalwart as coordinator of the political dialogue, releases a statement about being in the dark on the whole thing. Which is either very convenient or very telling about his constant state of mind.

The Qarase vs Bainimarama Court of Appeal verdict is but hours away and it is quite fascinating to see how the police can selectively jump to attention with the check-points while innocent families continue to be terrorized in the sanctity of their private property. What’s the 411 Teleni?

The bright blue version of fatigues emulating India’s national police identity, manning check-points all over the ruddy place are enough to bring on migraines and nausea.

The crimes against the humanity of Fiji are just stacking up quite nicely. Folks continue to oppose the regime lawfully and recorders record it all.

It ain’t over. Not by a long shot.

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