February 22, 2011

Sam Speight, Pita Driti Held by Military

In corroborating with Coup 4.5's update, Intelligentsiya has also been advised about Sam Speight being held by the military @ QEB.

Mr Sam Speight was taken up at 10pm last night however other reports are surfacing that as of 10pm tonight, Speight is still MIA.

It is believed that Pita Driti is also being held at the barracks.

Ben Padarath and Felix Anthony are currently hospitalized following leaked news of their harrowing abuse at the hands of military enforcers.

There appears to be a rapid crack-down on Bainimarama's "et tu, Brute?" circle possibly related to Ratu Epeli Nailatikau's much whispered and (apparently already written request to) exit from the White House this Thursday (24 February 2011).


Mary-Ann said...

There is a great man, Albie Sachs from the Sth African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, "its easy to defend the human rights of the popular" shame on you Bloggers for delighting in any military officers being held and possibly tortured, this is not defense of human rights. You take glee in what is just gossip, and you diminish yourselves, be concerned with the human rights these officers have, and lift Fiji in doing so

Keep The Faith said...

@ Mary-Ann: Save the over-zealous tut-tut-tutting whine about the abuse of rights of the military, heffa.

No one is glorifying the fact that these military sorts are being abused.

In fact by bringing it out into the public domain (and btw do you SEE the local media reporting it?) we are highlighting that:

a) the tide has turned and the fellowship of treasonous thugs is disintegrating;
b) we know what is happening and the reason we know is because the leaks are coming from within their ranks (betcha that will get Bainimarama up late at night aye? "et tu, brute" is coming to roost;
c) NO ONE should ever be subjected to human rights violations. Not Ben Padarath, not Felix Anthony, not Sam Speight, not Roko Ului and not Driti (do you see their former BFFs defending them?).

As far as we know the military folks being hauled up are walking away relatively easy -- without harm. It's the civilians who are being the brunt of it all -- and not only in the urban centres.

maryann said...

I am not sure if you received previous msg, I do not know what password was used so am going in via my other emai, pls remove that blog, I was hacked and I am not on Fiji anymore nor have been for a long time and have no idea what is happening there, and I certainly wldnt use my name!! I have never.previously posted a blog, thanks