June 27, 2011

FBCL: Fiji contemplates manufacturing firearms

With long-term views like this being propagated by the illegal and treasonous military regime and just as culpable eager-to-please civil servants, it is no wonder the country is broke and we are the currently considered the scourge of the South Pacific.
Fiji contemplates manufacturing firearms
Monday, June 27, 2011

Fiji is contemplating the establishment of a manufacturing plant for firearms and ammunition.

This futuristic plan was presented by Fiji Ministry of Defence Senior Officer Joji Washington at the Regional Consultation on Arms Trade Treaty in Bali, Indonesia earlier this month.

Washington told the consultation – the initiative would be subject to further consultation with relevant government stakeholders and non-government organisations.

He states with the Arms and Ammunition Act in place – it is envisaged that the Plant would be governed and regulated under the existing legal instruments.

But he says – government needs to review this in parallel to the requirements of the Arms Trade Treaty.

Washington adds – the Fiji Military Forces uses conventional weapons in peace-keeping operations.

Report by: Elenoa Osborne


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this KTF despite efforts by the democracy movements to seek UN SANCTIONS against the regime it is the UN themselves that are facilitating this but the real irony is that the primary legislation to allow this was passed when the media is Fiji were all busy covering the South Pacific Games, if you check the archives of all our media outlets I do not recall anyone mentioning the fact that our government had established the framework to manufacture small arms and light weapons. Anyway here is a link to the UN endorsement of this development which I had published in 2009 FYI

Keep The Faith said...

Vinaka Real Fiji -- We'll monitor these developments too.

FijiGirl said...

FFS!! These imbeciles can't even mill sugar. Not even with the help of international aid money AND international consultants. How TF are they expecting to manufacture arms (which requires WAY, WAY more technology than sugar growth, processing and production)? Personally I don't think they are planning to do it. They are making way for some shady foreign gang(ster) to do it on our shores. Get rid of this illegal regime. Free and fair elections NOW!
God bless Fiji