June 30, 2011

The Shameem-Burness "pretend" Legal Campaign

Only one thing to say here folks. Predictability reigns supreme and a captive audience is what the illegal and just-as-treasonous Shaista Shameem and her faithful side-kick Talei Burness, want, need and must have.

The email copied below and its of recipients is revealing of the illegal and treasonous regime's once-upon-a-friends many things and we understand that the outreach for support message has been forwarded all over the place.

Mz Shameem wanted all and sundry to hear about this and we will oblige her.

That's right folks. The root-of-all-evil is dividing and ruling on its own accord as they foolhardily perpetuate the illegal and treasonous Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's myth that our courts are independent even while he mouth's off about equality under a "new constitution". All part of another great swindle.

Conveniently the notion that this daylight robbery is being instigated by an armed military regime against an unarmed and innocent civilian populace is also expediently absent from the Burness-Shameem circus and their paperwork.

Meanwhile the superannuation fund beats a hasty retreat and ducks behind the safety of the illegal and treasonous cabinet while the Trade Union, FICTU, resolves to continue meeting to discuss the situation even when the threat the muzzling of workers is clear on the horizon.

From: Talei Burness

Date: Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 12:39 PM

Subject: Re: FNPF

To: Rick Rickman , Radike Qereqeretabua

Cc: Jackson Mar , Malcolm Harrison , Joe Singh , Peter Erbsleben , Anthony C. Philp , Arthur Thomas , Barrie Sweetman , Bob Pratt , Bruce Sutton , Charles Eaton , Cherrill Watson , Chris Marshall , Daryl Tarte , Dave Woodman , David Aidney , David Voss , Detlef Blumel , Dixon Seeto , Talei Whippy BURNESS , "Dr. Elisabeth Broadbridge" , Florence Fenton , Gerald Erbsleben , Godfrey Scoullar , Graham Eden , Hari Punja , Harvie Probert , Himmat Lodhia , Hugh Ragg , Iqbal Jannif , Joel Sahai , John & Alice Smith , Jon Orton , Dr. Jone Nasome , Malcolm Brain , Malcolm Paterson , Marika Vada , Mark Spurling , Matt Wilson , Max Storck , Michael Makasiale , Michael Pettitt , Neil Underhill , Peter Knight , Peter Lomas , Richard Broadbridge , Sharon Bower , Tarun Patel , Tom Ricketts , Vidhya Lakhan , George Faktaufon , geraldann@connect.com.fj, Tony Cooper , Waqa Ledua , fictu@connect.com.fj, fong_e@usp.ac.fj, James Raman , attar@connect.com.fj, Ross McDonald , Gordon Jenkins , Robert Harness , Shaista Shameem , Thomas Raju , Jack Reddy , Taylor, Jeffery , Jack Akbar , Ajay Lal , digby bossley , Fred Caine , d.whippy.ho@carpenters.com.fj, Dinesh Chandra , Emelita Wilson , inaiveli@connect.com.fj, Willie Kwansing

Dear Everyone

I am probably repeating myself but wish to ensure the importance of everyone sending their names, addresses & telephone numbers to me before end of today. My email address is blackpanthrr@gmail.com

Thank you for your support and thank you Shaista.

God bless

Talei, David & Ilana

On 6/30/11 7:46 AM, "Rick Rickman" wrote:

Please note the following and take action:

Hi Talei,

Could you send the message out that the people who have indicated their wish to join with David in his action need to get me their names and telephone numbers by the end of today to me on my email address shaistashameem5@gmail.com since the additional names must be filed by tomorrow to ensure that all our papers are in order. The case is on Monday and I have to inform the court that there are other pensioners in the same position as David so this becomes an action where David represents all others.

This is urgent to do, so could you send the message to everyone?

Please contact Sam Pillay about this as I need his signatures by tomorrow morning- from the west. I can get watson from my office to get the list together, to make it faster, so it is best that I am sent the names.

Thanks Talei



Anonymous said...

why don't you do the case Chief editor or are you like all your friends from munro leys and imrana who writes as "keep the faith"?
You're all lamu lamu and don't win any legal cases anyway.All hot air from behind closed doors.

Keep The Faith said...

@ Anon 08:12. Why would we take the case when we can have more fun ruining and exposing your wide-open, pitiful plot?

FNPF pensioners and owners of those superannuation funds will be vindicated. Count on it.

And for the record we aren't Imrana nor Munro Leys. We don't know them and we never will. But that's really funny anyway because once again, it proves that you all can't seem to get beyond your nose.

And this is exactly why your coup has failed. You don't have the foggiest idea about running a country and therefore you "c&p'ing" is tired and "polemic".

discombobulated said...

Anon @ 8.12 - isa kemuni lei cegu mada luvequ .... it seems your glassy eyed section of militarised Viti may give you the illusion of smallman's power and glory, but it is in reality your junta is quite infirm. Your barmecidal lifestyle is only sustained for the mo by our very (over) tolerant natures, but will be game-over when we all start to be hit in the pocket and in the belly.

Anonymous said...

Keep your faith ..Victor lal or russell hunter or whoever ....boriinnggg.Don't hide, be a BATI.....oops forgot you're lamu lamu.ALL CRAP FROM YOUR SITE. IF ONLY GANDHI WERE ALIVE ,HE WOULD HAVE SHOWN YOU A THING OR TWO. NOTHING CONSTRUCTIVE ,JUST SIMPLE UNADULTERATED BULL MANURE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Timoci Duanavanua said...

Hey Rick - still a rabid suppota of the regime ?

What goes around comes around dude.

Anonymous said...

Joni Madraiwiwi= KEEP THE FART..ER FAITH !

Keep The Faith said...

@ Anon's 22:58, 10:54 AND 15:25 - Looks like the military goons have come to play on our patch and we feel mightily like Rumpelstiltskin with all these shots in the dark.

Alas sorry to disappoint fella's and we only permit your comments so that you don't haul up unarmed and innocent civilians - but then, that's something you buffoons excel in anyway.

Here's one for ya - did it ever cross your blank minds that some of us could be one of you?

Watch your backs. As we've said before we've got your lats and longs on lock.