June 28, 2011

Shameem Law takes FNPF, Republic of Fiji and i&tAG to court

Wonders will never cease in Coup (x 4) land.

A once strong proponent of the illegal and treasonous takeover by the military, is now pitting herself against her former allies on the issue of our superannuation funds.

The fact that Dr. Shyster Shaista Shameem, on behalf of a pensioner (who's close family members also supported the coup), is prepared to seek redress in our questionable courts, while citing human rights protection is most entertaining.

Lest we forget, Shameem effectively killed all human rights protections for citizens of this country as the former head of the Fiji Human Rights Commission.

In what looks like to be a test-case, will be monitored with interest as the fellowship of illegal and treasonous thugs comes undone.

Shameem Law makes application in High Court
date/time: 28/06/2011 [13:08]

Legal firm, Shameem Law has made an application in the High Court on behalf of its client, David Burness, for human rights protection against unfair discrimination on the grounds of age based on the review of the FNPF Pension Scheme.

The case is between 75 year old Fund pensioner Burness and the FNPF, the Republic of Fiji and the Attorney General.

The Principal of Shameem Law, Doctor Shaista Shameem said the court application states that the proposed review of the FNPF pension scheme will unfairly discriminate against Burness and will breach the contract between the Fiji National Provident Fund and Burness.

The court application is seeking a declaration that as a human rights protection remedy, Burness' FNPF pension benefit cannot be reduced in any shape or form by the FNPF board, the Republic of Fiji and/or the Attorney General at any time.

It also said the proposed review of the FNPF constitutes a breach of the contract entered between David Burness, the FNPF board and the Government of Fiji.

Burness' application is also asking the court to declare that an independent person or body such as a judicial Commission of Inquiry be appointed to inquire into the past financial dealings of the FNPF with a view to independently auditing the Fund, provide Burness and other members of FNPF with a report on the Fund's use, including lending, finances, decision-making of previous and current boards and related matters.

The application further asks the High Court to shelve the intended review of the FNPF Act until such time as the independent Commission makes its findings and recommendations to the members of the Fund.

Shameem Law has also made an application on behalf of David Burness for an interim injunction against the FNPF, the Republic of Fiji the Attorney General.

The application is before the Chief Justice for review.

Doctor Shameem said since the proposed FNPF reforms were expected to be enacted by a decree on July 1st, her client wishes to have the court grant an injunction because the enactment of a decree will be used to cancel or terminate his court application.

Shameem Law has today served the court papers on the FNPF, the Republic of Fiji and the Attorney General.

Story by: Vijay Narayan


discombobulated said...

Alice in Wonderland - indeed.

Anonymous said...

This case urgently needs to be taken to court before July 1st. Otherwise all pensioners in Fiji lose out, as they'll receive the cut on July 1st. The pensioners of Fiji must rise up NOW!

FijiGirl said...

Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword, Sh*tster.
God bless Fiji