June 03, 2011

Who Is Lieutenant Commander Eliki Salusalu?

There was a comment posted yesterday morning on our fellow comrade blog C4.5 made yesterday which intrigued us greatly.

The Anonymous commentator said:
    with my contacts in ICT division, in Suva, the IT guys are doing overtime in tracing IP addresses...

    come on Eliki Salusalu, dont work for these pigs... and waste your resources.

    you can't even trace where the blogs are running from, what more can you do.."

Naturally with the Red Cow, PS for Misinformation, Sharon Goebbels Smith-Johns, launching an offensive against blogs, it comes as no surprise to us that the illegal and treasonous military regime are indeed working overtime, to once again stem and control two-way information that the public have access to.

So here's what we do know about Lieutenant Commander Eliki Salusalu, the current Manager of the Government IT Centre. We know he is from Ogea, Lau. We know that his contact details are: email - eliki.salusalu@itc.gov.fj and telephone - 3319800, extn 35000.

We know that he is the brightest fork in the drawer and that in 2002/2003 he was:
"Western Sydney Institute International Student of the Year Advanced Diploma in Electrical Technology (Electronics).

A Lieutenant in the Fijian Navy, Eliki was sent to Australia to complete a joint Advanced Diploma in Computer Technology /Bachelor of Technology course offered by the Institute and the University of Western Sydney. The Navy then funded him for another year to study electronics – an additional Advanced Diploma course that Eliki dominated with an average mark of 94 percent. An exemplary student, Eliki was recognised in May as Western Sydney Institute’s most outstanding international student from 2002."

We know that Salusalu is beholden to Bainimarma, because in 2005 he was hand-picked by him as part of 10-member panel on the CRW Court Martial process. In fact, Salusalu and many of his fellow panel members have featured quite prominently in this 2006 coup.

We know that in 2007 he was consulted as an interim Government member on the Independent Scoping Mission of the Electoral Process in Fiji.

We also know that in 2009 he participated in a "Attack and Contingency Response Planning Workshop" facilitated by Delta Risk LLC, San Antonio, Texas, USA as well as a
 "Cyber Forensic Workshop" in Singapore.

We know that in the 2009 Amnesty International Report on the situation in Fiji, he has been highlighted as an illegal and treasonous military appointee. He was also similarly identified by the Australian Refugee Review Tribunal that same year. An ANU publication on the recent coup also identifies him this way.

We also know that in 2009, under his guidance, the Govt ITC prepared the national "e-Government Master Plan" to the UN Public Administration Network.

We know that early in April this year, regional governments paid for him to participate at a SPC Workshop on "Cybercrime Legislation".

We know that he was/is on the Board of Directors of Merchant Finance & Investment Co Ltd, along with now disgraced fellow military colleague, Col (Dr) Aziz Mohammed.

And naturally he sits on the Charter Committee, alongside many other fellow illegal and treasonous coupsters.

So is Intelligentsiya anxious? Nah. We've been down this road many, many times before.

But will we let down our guard? Not even for a milli-second.

We do however urge all FJ-based bloggers to take extra precautions in light of the comment made on C4.5.

Let this be advance notice to all you other IT sorts (those here and abroad) who are doing what you are doing, in what you think is away from public scrutiny.

You can't stop the signal.

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Swamp People... said...

Don't fret unduly - we've had Salusalu's measure from day one - not half as smart as he believes he is.