September 24, 2011

Bainimarama's ineptitude plain to see on the World Stage

Despite the illegal and treasonous military regime's self-aggrandising hoopla about the illegal and treasonous Bainimarama as one of the 21 Vice President's of the 66th sesssion of the UNGA and co-chairing of a session on Dessertication with the President of Austria...

...reality and raw incompetence can never be masked, no matter how well one thinks one's acting skills can fluff their way through it.

Watch and consider for yourself as Bainimarama text's his way through co-chairing; shuffles through papers to look intelligent; fiddles with his pencil; nods like a first class dolt and then occassionally looks after each country intervention to visibly grapple with the f*** heck is going on.

The icing on the cake comes 47 minutes into the debate when Bainimarama actually begins to chair the interactive panel.

Yes citizens and taxpayers of Fiji, this is what you pay for against your will and now the planet has seen on the world stage the calibre of the person pretending to represent your interests at the United Nations.


Anonymous said...

Oh he is soo good.....

Only 4 umms and 3 Ahs in his introduction.

Am inspired to know that all speakers will only get three minutes. I wonder how he will enforce it...?

Navosavakadua said...

Bainimarama was supposed to be co-chairing this meeting but it's obvious he's not listening to a word that's being said.

Apart from the texting and the phony attempts to look as though he's consulting notes and pondering the discussion, he's not wearing headphones and several of the speakers are not speaking in English. What we hear as the audio of the broadcast is what's being put through the headphones.

The co-chair wore his earphones for all speeches that were translated into English, the language both chairmen spoke during the meeting.

No doubt the English language translation of the speeches was too much for the tiny brain of Bainimarama - he's really only comfortable barking orders or taking in an action movie - but the fact that he couldn't even pretend to be interested shows what a low grade act he is.

A lot of UN diplomats will be telling stories about what a dummy he is.