September 21, 2011

Pio Tikoduadua puts his neck on the line in Fijian Holdings shenanigans

As we leaked earlier, the Fijian Holdings shenanigans continue.

Lt Col Pio Tikoduadua is adamantly (yet delicately) continuing to bat for the stood down Carl Ngamoki-Cameron and his stooge at one of Fijian Holdings subsidiary bodies Merchant Finance (MF), Greg Cathcart.

We suspect Sharon Goebbel's efforts of the In flagrante delicto nature could also be at play here.

We understand that Cathcart is currently in Vanuatu on unauthorised company costs and is seeking legal advice on his options. Good luck with that one mate because your "legal status" in this country could nullify any of those "legal options".

We post here a letter that implicates Tikoduadua and his delicate "invitation" to the board to reverse their decision and reinstate both Ngamoki and Cathcart.

In doing so, Tikoduadua is in fact trying to pervert the course of justice and undermine what Bainimarama has mandated to be done.

Now any right thinking person would be asking what Tikoduadua's interest in Fijian Holdings is (apart from Sharon's needling). And the answer where any of these illegal and treasonous military regime members are concerned is, as usual, MONEY.

Tikoduadua has a standing loan account (that has failed to be serviced for some time now) at Merchants Finance for about FJD$65K.

With the status of Tikoduadua's health in question, what he owes to Merchant Finance and therefore shareholders -- such as retirees, dalo farmers, cane farmers, copra farmers, yaqona farmers -- is at risk of being written off and one can only surmise that he was hoping to get it written off sooner by taking a hit for his mates.

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Anonymous said...

Pio is supporting a known murderer and a person he knows is guilty of treason. so is Pio getting a cut? Must be. All that talk about Church is a false front. I thought Pio was above all this. How wrong I was. He is as crooked as the murderer Bainimagana.