September 20, 2011

The unfolding Fijian Holdings drama: Shareholders Beware

Now that the unfolding drama about Fijian Holdings has been conveniently muzzled by Sharon Smith Johns, we can confirm that the chief propagandarist is smack "bang" in the middle of this "affair" which explains the sudden yanking of the FHL story by censors.

The now "sayonara-ed" Chair of Fijian Holdings, Carl Ngamok-Cameron and his stooge in Merchants Finance, Greg Cathcart, have both been told to stand down while the audit takes place. It is believed that the axe will indeed fall on them both.

It has also come to light that this Maori, Carl Ngamoki-Cameron's entrance into Fiji was by way of his professional links with Nur Bano Ali under BDO.

Ngamoki-Cameron who has absolutely no business in heading this fijian owned corporation, is meanwhile enjoying an "up close and personal" linkage with Sharon Smith-Johns, another opportunist.

As of yesterday, it appears that Sharon may have manipulated Bainimarama's recently-returned-from-Asia, throat-cancer-patient and stooge, Pio Tikoduadua, to defend Ngamoki-Cameron (and therefore Smith-John's indirectly) despite his busy schedule as illegal and treasonous Permanent Secretary in the PM's Office and Director of government owned entities such as Airports Fiji Limited, the Housing Authority and the Fiji Islands Revenue & Customs Authority,

What the frail and feeble Tikoduadua cannot defend however is plain evidence of abuse of shareholders funds and corruption at the highest level by the Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum nominated (and duly signed off by another clueless military hatchetman, Ben Naliva) Carl Ngamoki-Cameron.

It is said that Khaiyum, upon smelling the steaming sh** on the proverbial fan, has totally washed his hands off the whole affair, leaving Smith Johns to actively defend Ngamoki-Cameron's plight using any and every means possible. What Smith-Johns fails to realize, is that by implication, she is going against an audit into Carl Ngamoki-Cameron endorsed and approved by Bainimarama himself.

Fijian Holdings as a shareholder owned institution has severed all financial links to the government machinery by paying back its FJD$20million investment grant in June last year, but the entity continues to be the playground for illegal and treasonous military appointees and their puppets.

Ngamoki-Cameron during his short stint as Chair, helped himself to shareholders funds by buying himself the latest MAC gadgets, and flitted around all over Melanesia among other flagrant misdemeanours.

Ngamoki-Cameron's buddy that he appointed at Merchants Finance, Greg Cathcart, did not apply for the post but was leap-frogged through the recruitment process and suddenly came out smelling like roses over other local candidates with bonafide street cred. To aggravate the situation, Ngamoki-Cameron had previously sold Cathcart a piece of property in Fiji at a highly inflated price which would to normal people, look- feel- and smell- like a kickback.

The whole disaster was a ruse by some individuals like Nur Bano and Sayed Khaiyum to get into this fijian owned corporation, control and sell off all its various organs, at bargain basement prices while disempowering fijians.

The same kind of politics is currently being played out at the Fijian Affairs Board, where scholarships earmarked for Kaiviti are in danger of being subsumed by the Public Service Commission, and the proponent of this initiative being Parmesh Chand (undoubtedly at the nudging of someone else).

We urge shareholders of Fijian Holdings to scrutinize the dealings of the the body carefully and vigilantly and vociferously  guard their financial interests.

As for the failed rugby world cup song pushed by Ngamoki-Cameron? Sources say there are thousands of CD's of the appalling tune, paid for by shareholders, that they cannot move (ie sell).

All of this will come to light very soon.

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Anonymous said...

Sharon's "under the blanket" Affairs is now costing the FHL Shareholders $$$$...she is already recieving an illegal shagging at our expense! WHAT ELSE?