January 26, 2012

Publication lodges direct complaint to the ICC against 21 members of the military regime

Despite the illegal and treasonous regime's self-inflated and self-defensive moves to force approval of a new Constitution that will undoubtedly secure their freedom and liberty over ours, they remain very much unaware that citizen media and advocacy is already  moving quickly.

A publication recently unearthed on the net by Intelligentsiya, showcases a forward-looking publication that already templates a lodgment of a direct complaint to the International Criminal Court of Justice and you can see (and if you wish, send your own with edits to names of 21 cited names) the complaint.

Furthermore the publication's web-site states that Mr Raju lost his father at the hands of the military.

We salute Mr Rahul Krishna Raju who in 2009 (?) published a book titled "The Death of Democracy in Fiji".

Mr Raju cites himself as someone who believes "in democracy, freedom and equality for all in Fiji. This is his first research book which took him on a journey of some six years of research in understanding as to why there is a leadership struggle in Fiji's Political landscape and in particular the Fiji Military Leadership survival which often projects the coup circle and culture in Fiji.

He has degrees in Human Resources Management and has research interests in Fiji's Political Leadership qualities, behaviour, attitude and styles in governance. He has suffered assaults, harassment, abuse and the sudden loss of his father at the hands of the Fiji Military and the Police agents as this manuscript was to be located. Till today there is no official investigation as to how and under what circumstances his father deceased. The manuscript has been taken by the Fiji Military and Police authorities twice in Fiji and thanks to Google document storage, the manuscript has been retrieved and re-composed into its original intend."  

Mr Raji is "inspired by the will to tell the truthful events in the history of Fiji Islands as the concepts of Nation building was based on the total abuse of all national and international Human Rights covenants, obligations and policies in the 21st century right before the eyes of the International community and they all were powerless to do anything but to act as the toothless tigers, only to bark and see the sufferings of many thousands. To stop one Fiji from the path of this kind of destruction, the World will save many more Fijians all around the World.

The book Death of Democracy in Fiji is divided in the following seven chapters and explains as to why Fiji is at a cross road for political and military leadership survival and the coup circle and coup culture will continue in Fiji. Chapter One – The Perfect Crime, Chapter Two – The Perfect Plot, Chapter Three – The Death of Law & Order, Chapter Four – The Death of Justice & Judiciary, Chapter Five – The Death of Freedom of Expression & Media Freedom, Chapter Six – The Persecution, Fear, Abuse of Fundamental Human Rights & Extra Judicial Proceedings, Chapter Seven – The Promise of Election 2014 or Rule by Decrees.

The Book explains the untold truth about the innocent people of Fiji Islands, who have been forced, persecuted, prosecuted, assaulted, abused, harassed, condemned by death and a direct complaint against 21 named persons of interest to the International Criminal Court of Justice."

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