February 27, 2012

ABC Radio Australia: Typhoid outbreak in Fiji

So much for all the CYA attempts and denials from the illegal and treasonous regime and their lackey's.

It is now official and the World Health Organisation has come in to inject some officiousness into what was clearly an inability by our own health officials to call a spade a spade.

Typhoid outbreak in Fiji
Created: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 21:14:44 GMT+1200
Last Updated: 3 hours 51 minutes ago

A public health emergency has been declared for two villages in Fiji - after an outbreak of typhoid in the Western Division.

Under the ban - which will be reassessed after 30 days - mass gatherings and the slaughtering of animals are forbidden.

World Health Organisation communicable diseases leader in Fiji, Dr Jacob Kool, told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat, typhoid is always a problem in Fiji.

"Fiji has one of the highest rates in the world of typhoid fever," he said.

"But we know it always gets worse when there is a natural disaster."

Dr Kool said much can be done to lower the typhoid rate in Fiji.

"It just comes down to a lack of good sanitation and a lack of good hygenic practises," he said.

And Mr Kool said more needs to be done to protect water sources.

"People should not be using the river as a toilet as well as a source of drinking water and unfortunately in the Highlands of Fiji that is still a practise."

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