February 01, 2012

Papua New Guinea Mine Watch: Fiji landholders not impressed by Newcrest spills

Crrrrikey! No wonder landowners in Namosi have been up in arms over mining operations on their land.

The PNG Mine Watch blog has posted some evidence of the devastation to the natural surroundings that the Australian Company tried to cover up and is now trying to muzzle with the help of a broke illegal and treasonous military regime.

Someone's got to answer and pay for this disgrace and it sure as hell should not be the people of Namosi.
Fiji landholders not impressed by Newcrest spills 
Namosi Joint Venture were warned by TNLC Monitoring team about these spills. NJV than decided to bury it. the first image shows what actually happened when they buried it. 
Anyway the meeting with PM at 3pm today will focus on these photos. TNLC will focus on the breaches of SPL #1420. They will not want money. All they saying now is “NO MINING”….Fullstop.

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