February 05, 2012

Illegal and Treasonous Sharon Smith Johns "manages relations" on Facebook

Taxpayers and citizens of Fiji should know just how well spent their hard earned taxes are being spent while many citizens brave the elements, the food shortages and the long-term impacts of the recent natural disasters.

Now that the illegal, treasonous and utterly incompetent Permanent Secretary for Information, Mz Sharon Smith Johns has time on her hands due to more valuable taxpaying dollars being wasted and outsourced to the likes of Tina C Jeon and Solomon Levine to cover up for her ineptitude, Smith Johns shows the world as to why she was never cut out for management in the first place.

And right here folks, presented in all its glorious gore is the calibre of a supposed high ranking "guvment" official re-living her (sad) adolescent years on a public Facebook forum and possibly even breaching the Public Service Commission's crystal clear guidelines for using social media.

As for QORVIS, the illegal and treasonous military regime's spin chiefs, they become more exposed with each passing day, and it appears that global citizens are actively monitoring their every move, which includes tracking them edit Wikipedia profiles of their clients and staff.

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