April 05, 2012

Pension Funds reverts earlier policy on flood assistance

Despite petitioning from Grey Power and coup supporters like Talei Burness being met with a brick wall on the regime's discriminatory reductions to their pensions, the superannuation fund now does a 360-degree turn on their policy of "no flood assistance" in response to the January floods.

Yes indeed. The illegal and treasonous Bainimarama's systems are breaking down and now the burden of relief efforts and rebuilding lives becomes a double-whammy yoke around taxpayers cum pensioners necks.
Flood affected members to get assistance from FNPF 
07:44 Today 
Report by: Maca Lutunauga 
Fiji National Provident Fun will provide assistance for those affected by the recent floods.
Chief Executive Aisake Taito says FNPF has a social responsibility to assist their members rebuild their lives. 
He says the decision to extend the assistance was based on humanitarian grounds.
All applications will need to be verified by the district officers to determine the authenticity of damage to their properties.
Taito says FNPF officers will be visiting affected areas to save transport costs for the members. 
He has warned members not to provide false information while using this assistance or they may face prosecution. 
The assistance begins from the April 12th to May 25th.

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