April 23, 2012

Radio Fiji: Go home, pensioners told

17:46 Today (23rd April 2012)
Report by: Roland Koroi

A large number of pensioners queuing up at the FNPF building today have been told to go home and wait for the call from the Fund to tell them if their money has been processed.

Some have been lining up at the FNPF Building in Suva since last week and turned up today only to be told they’ll have to wait a little longer.

FBC News arrived at the FNPF building at around 3pm today to find a long queue of pensioners.

Not long after, FNPF CEO Aisake Taito showed up, directing his staff to get the details of all waiting pensioners.

The details included their phone contacts, FNPF Numbers and their names.

Pensioners were then told to go home, and await the FNPF’s call.

Taito was overheard telling pensioners it will do them no good to wait around, or waste their money coming to Suva.

He has promised them that when their money is in, FNPF staff will call them.

The Fund has been delaying the payment since last week, blaming it on a technical glitch.

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