April 08, 2012

Where is Juris Gulbis?

Whispers are surfacing that one Juris Gulbis, the Principal of Gulbis & Partners Fiji Limited, P.O. Box 2169 Government Buildings, Suva, Fiji left the country under duress courtesy of the illegal and treasonous military regime that he used to court to advance the interests of Abkhazia.

It is understood that Gulbis, Abkhazia's ambassador to Asia-Pacific, based in Suva but with business interests also in Vanuatu was taken from his house last week by a truckload of army soldiers and compelled to leave the country because he was a "perceived threat to Fiji's National Security", despite his heralding, organising and facilitating of the recent visit for the Russian Foreign Minister to Fiji, as well as being great friend of one Colonel Mohammed Aziz of the Fiji Army

In the middle of the torrential flood rains last week Gulbis' departure under duress where he paid for his own ticket to depart on the Auckland flight, was the culmination of many threatening phone calls to this life over the last many weeks.

It is believed that the nail in Gulbis' ambassadorial tenure based in Fiji had to do with assistance he gave to a private construction company in a long and drawn out legal battle with the Fiji Island Revenue and Customs Authority who were manipulated by someone within the inner circle of the regime bent on raping the company of monies and assets. Gulbis was able to assist their case in court in which the private construction company eventually won.

Juris Gulbis seemed to be a "friend" of the regime and used his seat on the Transparency International board in Fiji to cosy up to them. Even as he served as Abkhazia's Ambassador, Juris raised eyebrows by officiating as the President of the Royal Commonwealth Society in Fiji to celebrate Commonwealth Day while Fiji was suspended from the Commonwealth.

It is understood that Juris was flown to New Zealand and Juris' local counterparts are packing up the office.

His Excellency Juris Gulbis has assured us that he he will release an official statement soon.


Anonymous said...

"His Excellency" can now go back to Abkhazia and South Ossetia, assuming he's ever been there, which I seriously doubt. I think he was a Lithuanian masquerading as a Russian masquerading as a friend of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

What a masquerade! let's all join in!