May 14, 2012

Fiji Sun: (Illegal) PM warns politicians

May 12, 2012 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom
By Maika Bolatiki

The Prime Minister Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Voreqe Bainimarama, has warned politicians on how they carry out their political businesses in the build-up to the 2014 elections.

He said he had made it clear to all political leaders and politicians that their activities must be based on moving Fiji forward.

He said party leaders of the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL), Laisenia Qarase, Fiji Labour Party (FLP), Mahendra Chaudhry, the National Federation Party (NFP), Pramod Rae and the United People’s Party (UPP), Mick Beddoes had again opted for their own brand of politics.

“They’re trying to turn the wheel back but this cannot happen,” the Prime Minister said.

He said they wanted the 1997 Constitution back. “Let me remind them that the 1997 has been abrogated and will never be brought back.”

He said Mr Qarase was interviewed on Fiji One news and had mentioned the 1997 Constitution. These political leaders are wanting the 1997 Constitution back because it promoted their own agendas. He said he was concerned with the way they were conducting their political businesses and this might affect their return to politics. “If they’re genuine in their return to politics then they must use inclusive politics and not racist agendas as promoted in the 1997 Constitution.”

He said Mr Qarase was removed from government because of his racist policies and surprisingly he again wants to promote them.

In the flood donations, the Prime Minister said all these political parties only visited their own people while the Government was helping all Fijians.

The Prime Minister also reminded these political leaders that the new constitution will be premised on the fundamental values and principles set out in the People’s Charter for Change, which his Government has been advocating and implementing.

These principles and values are universally recognised and aspired to. Therefore, they are non-negotiable. They are:

A common and equal citizenry;

  • A secular state;
  • The removal of systemic corruption;
  • An independent judiciary;
  • Elimination of discrimination;
  • Good and transparent governance;
  • Social justice;
  • One person, one vote, one value;
  • The elimination of ethnic voting;
  • Proportional representation; and
  • A voting age of 18.

If these politicians still want to promote racial policies, the Prime Minister said, it would not be in Fiji.

“We are all Fijians and all policies must be inclusive.”

The Prime Minister also talked about the role of the media in our way forward to the 2014 elections.

“I’ve noticed that many journalists are interviewing these old politicians and they have come up with their own brand of politics they’re known for.

“Why can’t you interview new politicians who will come up with a new brand of politics?” he asked. The Prime Minister has urged the media to be positive about their reports on Fiji’s roadmap to the 2014 elections.

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