May 14, 2012

RNZI: Fiji activist puts principles first

Posted at 17:21 on 13 May, 2012 UTC

One of Fiji’s leading pro-democracy activists, Peter Waqavonono, says he knows many people will not take part in the consultations on a new constitution.

Fiji starts the process next month under a timetable laid out by the interim government, which culminates in elections in 2014.

Mr Waqavonono, says he is one of those not taking part directly, but to help a return to democracy he will assist others form their ideas into submissions.

“It’s not only a vote of no-confidence in the regime. It’s also re-affirming our belief that the 1997 constitution is the sovereign law of the country.”

Peter Waqavonono says there is optimism and calm in Fiji about the future but also an underlying fear which may hamper a return to democracy.

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