March 05, 2007

Another death at the hands of soldiers

It is with sadness and outrage that Intelligentsiya reports today the death of yet another man as a result of military brutality.

The man from a village in Vanua Levu died a week-and-a-half ago in hospital from injuries he sustained in the attack. He was arrested, it is understood, in one of the military's drug raids in his village in the east of Vanua Levu.

It is understood the man suffered injuries to his chest and abdomen in the assault.

Intelligentsiya obtained this information days after the man died and has been trying to independently verify the death with the man's family but communication with his village is difficult.

We are withholding the man's name and village until it is confirmed by relatives although the details have been verified by various sources including civil society groups.

His death brings to four the number of military-related deaths.

More details will be posted as confirmation comes in.


The interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has rejected claims by the Commonwealth Secretary-General Don McKinnon that human rights abuses are being tolerated by the military and interim government.

Sayed-Khaiyum, as reported on Legend FM, said McKinnon’s comments were misleading as the “alleged” cases of human rights violations were being investigated.

And finally…

The Fiji Human Rights Commission has confirmed it is investigating the death of Sakiusa Rabaka, the 19-year-old who died on February 24. Sakiusa was assaulted by soldiers and a policeman in Nadi after his arrest on January 28 on marijuana-related suspicion.

FHRC director Dr Shaista Shameem said Sakiusa’s mother had lodged a complaint against the military last week but she would not reveal any further information pending the investigation, Legend FM reported.

Shameem says the military is investigating 20 reports of human rights abuses, adding that the police are also investigating some cases and were consulting with the Director of Public Prosecution on whether to bring charges.

Since the December 5 military takeover, Shameem has not made an unequivocal stand on behalf of the Fiji Human Rights Commission regarding the arbitrary arrests and subsequent assaults, humiliation and death in military custody.


Anonymous said...

That's it people. Get ready for war. The Fijians are planning an arbitrary attack to vent their anger. Now it's anyone and everyone who comes their way. All because of these shit heads like VB,Chaudhry and their stoggers.

Anonymous said...

This is way beyond all comprehension and human decency. How can those WIMPS that call themselves an Interum Government standby and watch while that tyrant, the Prime Minister and Leader of Murders, permits his thugs to continue on this path of destruction of human life, complete disrespect for peoples rights and disregard for the law.

A Government is there to serve the people. It must be respected by the people, not feared. People must have trust in a Government. How can people have respect and trust in this Government when the members allow the Prime Minister and his thugs to go on a whole sale murder spree at their whim. It is about time that this Goverment did its duty and stood up for the people.

If they continue to stand back and do nothing as they have in the past, then the situation is going to get out of hand and the people will take matters up them selves. It is time these unelected freeloaders got off their collective backsides and took a stance for the PEOPLE and JUSTICE.

Liberty said...

OMG! To Commenter 1: if you're suggesting that we Fijians would go all out and attack anyone who comes our way, you are INSANE and even a bigger idiot than the ones you've just named! Remember the saying 'haste makes waste'!

Whilst I also strongly believe in mobilising all Fijians who are against a coup, illegal takeovers, a brutal killing machine a.k.a Fiji Military Forces, human rights abuses, and disregard for the rule of law, etc etc, opposition should take the form of sustained peaceful protests across the nation.

How do we do this and in what form? Well, that is what needs to be strategised amongst the likeminded. There are numerous options available but FIRST and FOREMOST we need to educate our people and raise their awareness through media and whatever forums we can find, on the need for mass protest against the illegalities, injustice that is being perpetrated on a daily basis by the military. We must garner a wider support for a sustained and concerted effort against the military and its illegal regime.

The military is anticipating this by putting out their 'spies' in our communities to gauge reactions as well as military PR officers to continue the lies and brainwashing in support of their 'clean-up' campaign. However, I am not too worried as in the end, the truth will prevail and our common humanity will rise to the fore. Fijians are not as gullible and naive as they think we are and by the way, I am talking about all Fijians not just a one particular ethnic group.

There is also an increasing 'indifferent' lot, both professionals and the ordinary worker. I am not a psychologist but could this 'indifference' be attributed to bread & butter issues or a survival instinct mechanism kicking in in order 'to deal' with this madness around them..? I don't know but I believe in the adage, 'Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime', is an appropriate response to these fence-sitters.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the whole bang lot of them and invoke BIKETAWA…these are heinous crimes against humanity!!!