March 09, 2007

Bubu Stands Up Now

And so it is crunch time my makubuna's.

Now that the military seem's well and truly intent on finding Intelligentsiya bloggers, I would like to give an update on what led to this.

Intelligentsiya reported on Monday the death of a villager in Vanua Levu which we alleged was at the hands of soldiers - we did not name the man, his village nor give his age. In the days leading up to the posting, we had heard that line from various sources - each blogger received similar information. We have the individual's name and village. We attempted to check the story for several days while it was being talked about in newsrooms - but not reported.

While it may be possible that the man, whose identity we know, died from other causes, we stand by our report until facts emerge to prove otherwise.

If we have made a mistake, such proof has not yet emerged.

Intelligentsiya first learned that a "hunt" was on when it was broadcast on Legend FM and sent out in its text alerts.

We have not received any communication from the military, but have received lots of supportive emails from individuals the world over, especially those in Viti Lomani.

Major Neumi Leweni last night said a "major academic institution" was suspected of being the "base" for Intelligentsiya. We have no base. Each blogger is completely independent from each other and the interaction is only and all in the e-realm. Neither are we academics (Ok maku's got to be honest---I think I AM a bit of an academic as I've been through the school of hard knocks which has given me a MBA in Life Studies) , as Leweni's comments would suggest.

But circumstances aside, the recent remarks of the NZ Government hold especially true for people of Fiji right now.

That is, in the face of our current political crisis we people of Fiji as individuals, parents, students, professionals, technocrats, businesspeople, religious sects and communities, grandparents etc must ACT.

So Intelligentsiya is under attack...boohoohoo…gone today and yes another one will crop up tomorrow. Many of you who read it feel the same pains and passions that we do. But the question remains, who else out there cries for our country and is willing to ACT and continue this fight?

Will we remain tunnel-visioned and believe that all of our tomorrows will be brighter if we just let it slide or let the lawyers handle it in court later?

We don't get off that easy makubuna's. Our tomorrow's can only be bettered by our actions today. Complacency and the "don't rock the military boat" lament is not an option. If this is the only window that you see, please don't think for a minute that we will escape this coup cycle. We will, by passively condoning this coup, willingly and knowingly pass on to our future generations a heritage of more coups. Make no mistake about it.

We are told that our Constitution is still being upheld. So therefore constitutionally speaking, even under a state of emergency the freedom from cruel and degrading treatment is ABSOLUTE — has this been evident from 5 December?

To ACT does not mean that we are to go all out and hold a grand protest march. To act also means the following basic approaches:

  • refusing to be fooled by attempts of this military regime of all their wonderful discoveries of corruption and clean-up—only an INDEPENDENT court of law will have the final say on that;
  • passively refusing to acknowledge this interim administration and only if necessary reverting to titles but not names. When all this hits the courts (and it will very soon) the military regime will have to PROVE that they had the support of the people—Silence IS ASSENT….so whichever and however you SAFELY make your views known, make them known. For folks who maintain contacts with rural veiwekani please continue to communicate the REAL stories to them. We battle the likes of Sitiveni Raturala who is specifically tasked with winning the hearts and minds campaign of Kaiviti in the rural areas;
  • asking questions EVERY TIME you watch, hear, read media reports. Do not believe everything that is presented to you makubuna's….the media are also working under trying circumstances and have been hauled up for "enlightenment sessions" at the camp. The acid test to this is that if all the hype from the military regime is one-way traffic, then there is a problem;
  • resisting any hype about moving the country forward. The only way this country can move forward is through a democratically elected government. Therefore elections should be happening very soon if this military regime was really committed to moving the country forward.

We stand ready for anything and we know that the biggest battle right now will be the terror tactics and the propaganda war.

In the meantime, a heated cyber-scuffle from more of my makubuna's are happening in Fiji Village Talk in two strands - one cheering for Intelligentsiya (titled "Hoorah for Intelligentsiya) and the other suggesting our days are numbered (titled "Games up for Intelligentsiya).

As of midnight on Thursday, all Intelligentsiya collaborators had still not been "arrested". Leweni, I see on Fijilive, says the army knows who we are and are tracking us down. He also said they had lodged a complaint with police about the blog.

We refuse to be intimidated by this military "information warfare" and will continue to speak our minds in this time of fear and paranoia.

Stand with Intelligentsiya in cyberspace today and ACT. We firmly remain committed to democracy, the rule of law and the freedom of information.

For Fiji Ever Fiji.

Yours in freedom -- Bubu Josivini.


The General said...

Hey guys..i tell you that the green goblins especially Leweni (the Green Gnome)may have no idea the bar of soap who you guys are.i am familiar with military strategy and techniques and this is one tecnique in play,what i really found hilarious was the statement the military spokesman issued on Viti FM which was "tukuna vei ira na vakacacana tiko na mataivalu me ratou kila ni keitou sa kilai iratou tiko"which simply translates to "tell those people that we know who the are" if the military knew who you guys were than why didnt they just tell you themselves..ah yes cos they dont.isa i guess weak people with simple minds will always find ways to try to keep us survivors on our feet..well i belive that the main thing here is to reassure you guys that you will be alright! you are fighting the fight for the righteous and there is light at the end of the tunnel..keep up the good work..oh and yes i dont know weather you guys know this but the green gnome may be internet illiterate..since the media was never issued an e-mail adress to contact him..i guess he is still amazed at the wonders of moblie telephony!

Anonymous said...

Bubu...YOU ARE THE MAN! Or should I say you are the WOMAAAAAN! Keep on blogging. With you all the way.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bubu. Good to see you on cyber. I'm a big fan of your Bubu column in Fiji Living magazine. Dont worry Bubu, your makubunas will fight these bastards to the end. That cranky Frank is an embarrasement to all Fiji Islanders. Yesterday he came on TV news with his ugly fat bui and the way he spoke was like he was high on grass. The reporter should have told him to jump up and down as he had suggested but then again, most of these reporters are hopeless with hardly any journalistic skills to keep on challenging these bastards.

Anonymous said...

spread this infoo around like a virus
its a page that gives activists info hpw to protect their security/ privacy when using internet

information is power
for sending secure emails

"this aint no party ,this aint no disco
this aint no fooling around"
lyrics from the song "life during wartime"by talking heads

The Keyboard C@per said...

great speech... would be really cool if you're authors would have the balls to identify themselves rather than using the Iron Curtain anonymity of the Internet to hide themselves.

If you truly believe what you write is the truth, then you should not be afraid to show the world your true identity(s)

Anonymous said...

While the reports on this blog is very informative , i do not agree with he stand that unless the presumably false reports are proven to be such, this blog will continue to uphold it.

You guy have established a good credibility but arrogance is not equivalent to defiance, and should be defiance for truth not anything less or anything more.

savusavu4ever said...

The villager who died in that village off Savusavu is very true. We are nursing three others who were also beaten with him. That faggat bandmaster is lying through his teeth. Tell him to come to Savusavu where we will kick his sorry ass 10 feet under.

pro-military said...

We know this blog is an extension of Laisa Digitaki's crappy Fiji Living magazine. We are coming after you Laisa. This time, you will be part of the statistic.Now we know its you who complained to the overseas people. We know where you hiding. Tell your Fijian Holdings husband to get ready for jail. He is next on the list for corruption like his friends in FNPF & Post Fiji.

The Keyboard C@per said...

good stuff pro-military... i too now know who has created this site... took me a heck of a while to work out who all the author's are... I'll have a chat with NL and see if he's interested in knowing who the author's of this site are. The problem was tracing the IP's used for publishing the articles but with a little help from DNSSTUFF i've managed to find out the locations from where the articles were posted.

Its sickening to see people using the bullshit line that the Internet is a place where one can express themselves freely without prejudice... wrong!!! Its heavily regulated and there are a number of ways of clamping down on sites such as this.

Chief Intelligentsiya said...

It's still amazes me how people claim that this blog is an extension of Laisa Digitaki's magazine. I haven't met Laisa Digitaki in my life although, as I have said before, one of the first posts on Intelligentsiya was her statement detailing the events of her Christmas detention. But putting the blame on Laisa and saying she will become "part of the statistic" as "Pro-military" said just shows the mindsets of the people supporting the military's violent actions.

Anonymous said...

And for the benefit of the keyboard C@per, I would love it if he were to go to the trouble of locating my IP address. Not only would he/she find it to be dynamic, but its entrails would terminate at an address that simply acts as a relay. Were he/she to visit it, he would find himself at a loose end, pondering amazing vistas and the possibility of a couple of hundred thousand possible addresses were this poster ACTUALLY resides.

Anonymous said...

Good on you bubu - this site is so important for those who take seriously the future of our children - what Voreqe is teaching the nation is that wrong is right - next time anyone doesn't like something , its ok to grab a gun and say piss off I don't like this, I want to do it my selfish way. NO WAY is this right and no way will I or any of my family accept what is happening in Fiji is right or moral or good and we RESENT our tax dollars being used by an illegal entity to pay for their wrongdoing - thank you for this site - I will spread the word

Anonymous said...

@ keyboard friend you show your immaturity by dabbling in something you do not want to dabble in.

by leaving your pawprints one does not have to go far to suss you you're an IT whizz kid probably at CQU judging by your blog on courses, are a muslim, have had the benefit of overseas exposure and live in an area where there were water cuts very rececently....not very hard to whittle down this info to specifics in Suva.

you do what you like with whatever INTELL you will be hunted down tho' --- with or without leweni's backing.

YaloBula said...

Bula to all! I love this website! We must use this website as our point of resistance! We won't stoop to the low level of the military and terrorise the people of Fiji. PASSIVE RESISTENCE! They are terrorists... uncivilised terrorists who will destroy our country unless we stand up against them!!! With our combined voices, prayers, and hopes... we together will CRUSH this regime!!!!! Vinaka vaka levu to all of you who formed this blog page!!!!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE! POWER TO THE RESISTANCE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that! Power to the people indeed. Enough of lawlessness. Enough of beatings and torture. Enough of lies.

Anonymous said...

To the keyboard c@per and pro-military you dont want to condone or encourage what the military is doing with those who have a different view from them (detainments, torture and killings). It is not good for the Military and not good for Fiji.
You only have to look at the history and current situation of most banana republics to see what could become of Fiji if we carry on like this.
With the number of people with a military background in Fiji its not too hard to start a Tamil Tiger army or Lords Resistance Army or whatever resistance. There are people just waiting for that to happen. I pray that it does not ever come to that. Lets love one another and stop condoning the abuse of power through the gun! Peace!