March 08, 2007

Four years under military rule, Bainimarama admits

In case Fiji’s citizens haven’t noticed, army commander and interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has added another 12 months to his three-year schedule before a general election is held.

A report in Time Magazine’s March 1 issue quoted Bainimarama as saying election officials will need more time to prepare the country for elections according to the military’s specifications:
How long that will take is anyone's guess. The interim government's "road map" for elections and a return to democracy had a scheduled arrival date of 2010, but Bainimarama now fears the process may take longer. "We earmarked six months for the Electoral Commission to redraw boundaries [unchanged since the mid-'90s]," he says, but he was told by officials the day before he spoke to Time that the work will take 18 months. "So even before we have started, 12 months have been added to 2010."
In an earlier paragraph, the article’s author, a Time editor Steve Waterson said Bainimarama didn’t want to become PM but accepted the position at the urging of his military council.

“I hate this job,” Bainimarama is quoted as saying, “but it has to be done. And we are going to stay until we complete this business.”

The article also discusses the allegations of “murderously heavy-handed tactics” of the military.
…[W]hile there's wide agreement that corruption needed to be eradicated, the FMF is accused of murderously heavy-handed tactics. On top of many allegations that political opponents and criminals have been beaten and intimidated, the past month has seen the deaths of two young men, allegedly at the hands of soldiers. There are murmurs that the FMF commander either endorses the brutality or has lost control of his men.

“I have told my troops that power corrupts only if you abuse the authority given to you,” he says. “I am continually telling my people, ‘This is the line. You can't cross this line. It doesn’t do us any good.’” While unwilling to comment on specific cases, which he says are under police investigation, he suspects some soldiers may have misunderstood their mission. “I have no doubt that some guys have crossed the line thinking that's the right thing to do,” he says, adding that any wrongdoing will be punished.


Anonymous said...

“I have told my troops that power corrupts only if you abuse the authority given to you,”

Mr. VB you are the best example of this.

Anonymous said...

The cliche "Do you ever listen to what comes out of your mouth?" comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

This is a great web site with some interesting stories. Hope you do your best to keep to the facts and not cloudy the already muddy waters.

Why so surprised about VB's intention. He has had to do deals to get people to join his Merry Folk. And now he has his band of 'Yes People' he will have to honour his promise to them at the expense of the nation.

These deals like most deals border on corruption. But he promised his Ministers a good term in office in return for their agreement not to stand in the next election.

People like MC would never agree to anything that didn't serve their self interest to the full.

So accept it folks we have them for 4 or more years like or it or not. But I am all for peaceful resistance and smart irritation. Violence we do not need.

Keep up the good work Intellies....

Anonymous said...


This is a fantastic website, free speech and the flow of information is greatly appreciated.

Why are the Military covering up the death of the man from "Babasiga?"

They talk about people discrediting them, when the actual fact is that they themselves are discrediting the institution.

whodat said...

Franks comments about hating the PMs job could be the beginnings of the national unity he keeps talking about. Most of the rest of us also hate him being in that job.

Anonymous said...

Who gave them the right to change policies!... Sacking People of high Academic qualification Posts, changing the retirement age, paycut, changing the education system, and many more.. i think it is the work of FAILED POLITICIANS...BECAUSE OF POWER HUNGRY..COZ MOST OF THE CHANGES TAKING PLACE ARE ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE DONE BY A GOVERNMENT ELECTE BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE.... These failed politicians with the millitary have failed to win the HEARTS AND THE MINDS of the people and have tried to FIND OTHER WAYS IN WHICH TO SATIFY THEIR OWN HIDEN AGENDA!!

Anonymous said...

if PM VB & Spokes person Leweni continues for 4 years!!......i think by that TIME HE WILL BE BALD HEADED..or if theres still some HAIR growing, it will be ALL WHITE & Leweni's current RED EYES with big twisted eyeballs will be Blind....IT'S ABOUT TIME JONA CONDUCT A MEDICAL CHECKUP FOR BOTH OF THESE TWO MEN!! LOL

Anonymous said...


Who the bloody hell do you think you are Frank? Bloody shit - one day you will pay the price.

I urgue all you out there to rise above this bustard. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

BTW - Leweni i know your dirty secrets...if your reading this does "seawall" ring a bell??? ...mmm bet you would want Fiji to know!

Quruvatu said...

Thank you for this website.....where there is open and free flow of information. I am not sure why the military is hunting these bloggers down. Frank is a stupid military leader and Leweni is the greatest deception liar...i would prefer to see them thrown naked in a big hot boiling water for 1 minute....