March 10, 2007

Getting wires crossed

I don't want to detract from the issue of what Intelligentsiya is about: telling it like it is about the human rights questions in Fiji under the army’s rule.

But there are a few points that need to be clarified about the frenzy to find the Intelligentsiya bloggers - The information ministry in its press statement referred to and so have other media outlets. But this blog is hosted on blogspot. Enough said about it though.

Another point – Interim AG Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum was on Niu FM in New Zealand suggesting that blogs such as Intelligentsiya are "inciting" (there's that word again) people to "violence". A simple visit to our blog and a read through some of the posts will show we advocate “intelligent resistance” not violence, which is more the army’s tactics.

You can listen to the AG at Niu FM here. But here’s a rough transcript of what he said:

"If you have people going around for example, trying incite people, trying to get them to cause violence, trying to get them to have direct violence against different peoples, or trying to create some sort of disturbance within society, then obviously these regulations are in place to ensure that that does not take place or reach fruition."

Again, enough said.


Anonymous said...

Which only goes to show the AG realises he's burned his bridges and his only option is to stick fat with the Pretenders

Jamesa H said...

Well, it is pleasing for me to find another protest website in Fiji - Suva is very depressing as a most people with anything to say about the military are silent because of the fear, well founded I believe, that the military will hear about it. I know when I was sitting in a restaurant the other day, passing a comment, my friends asked me to be quieter. I made a point of getting louder.

In addition, I have also met people in Suva that are simply living with their heads in the sand - pronouncing broad statements like "it will get better soon, the other countries should just give this government a chance."

I suppose the lack of any separation of the executive, legislature and judiciary is not worrying enough for people.

Meanwhile, the FHRC and the new AG are busy licking the flanks of the great leader.

Then in response to the threat of the internet and ciriticism the army is acting in what is "lobster fashion", threatening people with it's claws and hoping that this is enough to dissuade criticism and comment.

After all, isn't the hallmark of good government should be the acceptance of criticism and the reasonable debate of public policy?

Keep The Faith said...

Ricardo mate! If you're out there in cyberspace we do apologise that you have been inadvertently deemed GUILTY with our blog....

We will make it up to you when things are quieter, we promise.

Keep The Faith said...

Ricardo mate! If you're out there in cyberspace we do apologise that you have been inadvertently deemed GUILTY with our blog....

We will make it up to you later.

Anonymous said...

If any of you are in an official position, they'll find out who you are by feeding you information only you could know, then waiting to see it appear on this blog.

Frankly though, the military is rather silly to announce that they are investigating you. That only gives you credibility and increases your readership. They'd do better to publicly ignore you while using the detection method mentioned above.

Phantom's Daughter said...

This Khaiyum did he manage to come up with so many words?... talking to Leweni again are you Khaiyum??you naughty naughty boy. Haven't i told you not to wake him from sleep. He needs all the rest he can get for his poor ole eyes.

whodat said...

Another tactic they might try if they get frustrated enough is random detentions of suspected bloggers. Then they will just look to see if posts continue under those blog names. If those postings stop then they'll know they've got their man/woman. So you should think about arranging for someone else or at least one other person you trust to continue posting under your blog name in the event you are taken in. Another tactic is to vary the frequency of your postings so it would be more difficult for them to tell if you have stopped or not.