March 10, 2007

The hunt for Intelligentsiya goes on...intimidating some bloggers and inspiring new ones

Today we report that Ms Vakaivosavosa, who has been a great alternative voice for Fiji in cyberspace, has taken down her blog because of an indirect threat from the military about blogs with "inciteful" contents.

The army's hunt for the Intelligentsiya bloggers (or perpetrators, as Leweni calls us) has had an effect on some - but not on all of us - or a whole new lot of inspired bloggers.

We received news today that Ms Vakaivosavosa was shutting down. As her "Last Post" she says, "I don't want to indirectly cause harm or fear in fellow bloggers so deleting the blog ensures that you won't be accused of supporting any perceived 'incitement' from this blog."

Never mind. We persevere. In better news today, an anonymous blogger nicknamed Veekay Bee, emailed to say "You guys were a great inspiration to me" so the blogger has put online Discombobulated. Welcome aboard Veekay Bee, the more the merrier.

We really should be reporting to you on stuff that matters (such as the continuing arbitrary arrests), but just bear with us a little longer while we explain the military's psyops (psychological operations) tactics in trying to instill enough fear in bloggers peacefully discussing our present and future in cyberspace.

Fiji TV in its 6pm news today ran an item on Intelligentsiya (and promoted it in the headlines) in which Major Neumi Leweni, army spokesman, said, "We are trying. We are trying to find them. At this moment we are following some leads."

He goes on to say the bloggers will be "taken to task" once they are found.

The reason? Intelligentsiya are "spreading rumours and information that is seen by the RFMF as damaging."

Also today, Fijilive writes that the army is looking for "someone who has good writing skills", not that we're the only ones who can string a "good" sentence together.

He refuses to disclose any more information about the search because "If we continue to talk to the media, things may not work out for us as the perpetrators will be informed on every move we do."


Anonymous said...

It is also interesting that the RFMF Media cell has chosen to begin making regular and amusingly self-congratulatory posts on Fijivillage once again after stating they would no longer be doing so. H-F-B was supposedly just too busy.

Whodat said...

They seek them here, they seek them there, Frank's cronies seek them everywhere. Are they in heaven, or are they in hell? That damned, elusive Intelligentsiya cell!

Anonymous said...

Well, if they're looking for someone with good writing skills, it means at least that they've stopped looking for academics!

Anonymous said...

Next they will be looking for novellists! Barbara Cartland tiko vei iko! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Is the implication that to be a member of the FMF you must be illiterate?

Or just gullible and foolish?

Phantom's Daughter said...

Quote of the week.

"If we continue to talk to the media, things may not work out for us as the perpetrators will be informed on every move we do."

Oh you think???How long did it take you to think this up?

someone give him a parker pen,,,maybe he still uses pencils..much easier to erase those grammatical mistakes.

Anonymous said...

From a technical stand point the military has no way in hell!! of locating you bloggers. If they are dumb enough they will be able to get your IP address. Alas! their IQ has not got them thus far.

In casing point, just look at how the US/AUST/NZ...ETC is "trying" to catch pedophiles with all their technology you would think that that they would find 'em like yesterday.

Bloggers make sure you have the following:
1. Firewall (zone alarm seems to work just fine)
2. Antivirus (Norton/AVG)
3. Anti spy ware (spybot-free).

Keep checking and keep updating these software.

Anonymous said...

hee hoo.. wat is this crap all about .. come on army guys.. ca gona n avuli vaka vo.. oops vosoti na gusuqu bubu...!! but then the attitudes.. shown by our tough guys ... welll just gotta show wat is in their head... tawa se lala... vaka ga na tavaya ni Fiji Bitter ... ni tawa e rogo malua .. malumu ..ouch... but ni lala tu yo know empty bottle.. loud and can easily crack..LOLsss....!!

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how I am only ten minutes away from FMF HO, i see its fat cats almost everyday passing by and yet i can easily get onto this site and voice my opinion without fear. Great.

Frankie - Bustard- Baini-marama - You violently destroyed our democratic rights and the basic freedom of many innocent Fijians. Taking advantage of the vulnerability of native Fijians and indoctrinating them with your bullshit - HOW DARE YOU.


Anonymous said...

How can someone who's good at reading music sheets able to read spread-sheets, let alone try to catch the 'bloggers' on this site, LOL!!!! How did they get him to be the spokesperson anyway? Did they have a writing test in music-script and singing to see who could sing the loudest .... of course Leweni would be the most qualified!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please guys understand, they just wanna prove that they worth something, their intell is good ga for the vale ni VO, baleta ni ra vuli vaka VO.

Cant blame them, cause the only Professional soldier has been sent to head the Prisons Dept cause they fear his intelligence, and those that remain at Delainabua are a bunch of terrorist, e,g the head of the 3FIR (sivia ga na tabetabe, masi volo vei VO reqe)

Anonymous said...

Please dont hold our comments, even if its that nasty, but its what the Military and its cronies should know, that they are bunch of Qauri Qase cause they will retaliate even to a slight comment - va gonegonea sa qase busi.
The only last Proffessional soldier was the current Commissioner of Prisons, the rest at Delainabua are Terrorists - from the top to the last man down.
I wonder what the US State Dept will catogrise this men cause they are still moving around the world with UN Passports to do peace keeping operations, va ya sa levu ga na Ca