March 06, 2007

Military denies Vanua Levu death claim calling it 'absurd'

Military spokesman Major Neumi Leweni has denied claims in a report on Intelligentsiya about the death of a villager in Vanua Levu linked to military brutality.

Leweni expressed surprised at the posting, according to Fijilive. This blog report was quoted by AAP in a report on its newswire yesterday.

Leweni said the story was “absurd” and “insulting” and that he was unaware of the death of the villager.

“We had a similar report last week claiming a man died as a result of assaults by soldiers, but there was nothing of that sort,” he told Fijilive. “Immediately after that we contacted our base in the North but they had denied any of the reports.”

“I don’t know where the media got their information and let me remind those who are trying to insult the military that they would be dealt with if they continue to make false statements.”

He added such reports were trying to paint a bad picture of the military.

Several sources had confirmed the death but have been fearful of reprisals.

Fiji TV reported in its main evening bulletin that police in the north were investigating the man’s death but retracted the story in its 10pm bulletin, saying it was based on unconfirmed information.

Troops resist police probe into Nadi death

Fiji TV also reported tonight that soldiers at the Namaka military barracks are refusing to allow police access to two soldiers wanted for questioning in connection with the assault and death of 19-year-old Sakiusa Rabaka.

Detectives have been refused entry to the barracks despite assurances from the military’s top brass that police will be allowed to independently investigate Rabaka’s death.

Acting Commissioner of Police Romanu Tikotikoca told Fiji TV he was trying to get the military to cooperate and allow the police to question the remaining six suspects. The policeman accused of involvement has been interrogated.

Army spokesman Major Neumi Leweni had earlier said the six soldiers had already been interviewed by police.

Legend FM is reporting this morning that Tikotikoca says police have been given the green light to interrogate the suspects.

Bainimarama responds to claims of human rights abuses

Army commander and interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama today responded to growing concern about the human rights abuses perpetrated by the military.

In a statement released through the Ministry of Information today, Bainimarama promised to reduce the military’s role in civil investigations and to review the presence of soldiers on the streets.

He added the military would not condone the use of force.

Bainimarama said the military was “responsive to public views on abuse of human rights and privileges” and would try to ensure people could live their lives normally.

“There is no reason for us to get the tremendous work which we have done so far in rescuing this nation tainted with images of abuse and brutality,” he said in the statement.

“As such, I have decided that the military will have less and less role in attending to and/or conducting investigations which are really the domain of the police and other law enforcement agencies.

“All previous cases involving abuse of human rights will be thoroughly investigated on an independent basis by the police and the Human Rights Commission,” the statement said.


Liberty said...

So get going Bainimarama and I challenge you to personally see to it that your soldiers involved in the death of Sakiusa COOPERATE with police investigations and have them brought before a court of law to answer to the MURDER of this young man. It is a matter of public interest and the entire nation is watching. Otherwise your fancy speech (which you couldn't possibly have written much less dictated) is just that - a bloody mere rhetoric!

Anonymous said...

Not only is the nation watching, but so are many aid donors and potential aid donors. Bainimarama's "apparent" softening of attitude is more likely to be with that in mind. Unfortunately he doesn't appear to have the means or fortitude to keep the thugs in check - note the difficulty Police in Nadi have in questioning soldiers

Anonymous said...

Voreqe is responsible for these thugs and the buck stops with him and his interim Ministers. Therefore, not only the thugs but Voreqe, the frail Pressie, and all the interim Ministers should also be taken to court and then to jail.

Anonymous said...

Too little, too late and frankly probably another bunch of lies. VB should know by now that no one believes the lies he spews out. What 'tremendous work' is he talking about? The loss of jobs? Economic decline? The mounting civil dissent? The increasing international condamnation of human rights abuse?

Give it up Frank.

Oh and just a hint Intelligentsiya... take a closer look at the new budget... the figures do NOT add up and no one has pointed that out yet.

Anonymous said...

I still cannot believe the stance taken by the Military in denying what is so apparent in front of many. Why can't they face up to what they have done --- whether the HQ know if it or not is another matter that should be resolved internally. The attack on Sakiusa Rabaka itself showed how a base outside of the HQ inflicted torture upon this boy and the HQ only found out about it later.

And as for the Fiji TV they should have gone to Labasa and did some more digging. Of course the family members fear retribution but if FB is really saying that he doesn't condone torture then put your money where your mouth is!

Ms. Vakaivosavosa said...

Whats the bet the perpetrators get sent out in the next lift to Sinai/Sudan etc?

Anonymous said...

@ms. vakaivosavosa

I bet my entire lifes saving[by the way is only a couple a hundred dollors...hahaha] that they will be sent on active duty before the end of the year.

On another note, Frank states that he has decided that the military will play a lesser role in civil matters...niger plz, you didnt decid that, if you had your way you would make your self king of fiji, and your wifes whose driving a government ministers vehicle your bastard queen....Lets face it frank, you are under sooo much pressure from foreign forces and finally you are SLOWLY[cause your slow to start with mentally] realizing that your regime is not going to work.

For staters, you know that if the EU decides to stop that Aid assistance to fiji for sugar you and chaudarys arse is on the line, you would do sooooo much damage and for what!!!!...secondly us people in the west have suffered as the result of your COUP, we have lost our jobs, our wifes and husbands who are in the civil service will go on pay cuts....for what, so you can live in your fancy home in flagstaff surrounded by your BOCI GUARDS and help your own family get ahead in the government....

Isa poor you, you think that you will get away with this, wait till the next elections, when civil order returns and we vote the same government back we will all push for you, leweni, driti, chaudary, AG, bernedette ganilau, rt ganilau, shaiesta shameem and the bunch of you to be charged with sedition and trison against the state....we will lead marchs, protests against you, will will see that your families never ever forget what and who you are in fijian society....NOTHING SHORT OF CHEAP FIJIAN TRAILER TRASH....TRAITORS GET THEIR JUST DESERTS

Keep The Faith said...

It's a possibility Ms Vakaivosavosa however the signals from the diplomatic corp and diplomatic fora indicate that no one wants loose canons who have been indoctrinated with the Musharaff model, under their command.

Unless of course they are only using them as expendable commodities in this global campaign on terror -- either way the FMF loses.

War after all is big business.

anarquista said...

lets give it up to major loony eni military spokesman
i had never heard of this blog till he mentioned your name and im so GLAD to have found a source of news thats not toeing the line so to speak.
at least i hope this is the case.

im currently mourning for beloved fiji.
but we cant give up the fight.
ps yes im anti military
anti self serving politicians
anti fat cat ngo staffs
pro activists and for the good folks of fiji

Anonymous said...

The denials and lies will keep coming thick and fast for as long as Bainimarama and his like-minded military colleagues continue their illegal hold on power in this country.

And Bainimarama will continue to mouth platitudes about upholding human rights and investigating each instance of military brutality blah-bla;h-blah - but nothing will change, believe me.

There's a big rotten stinky reason why he can NEVER back up his words with action:

Just suppose the military was to come clean on, say, their involvement in the fatal beating of Sakiusa would create a precedent that Bainimarama wouldn't want, not in a million year!

Because then people would say: OK, now we know the truth about Rabaka, why can't we get the story on all the other beatings and murders...going right back to November 2000...??!!

Anonymous said...

The FMF spokesman,NL could do with a course in PR. Surprise, surprise now a Major(When did that happen?).

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

@above commentor

Darling you didnt know, NL is franks bitch....bending over to the commander definitely has its rewards aye...

Wonder what Ill probably get??? Maybe a givernment vehicle just like franks wife, maybe I can beat my neighbor up and deny it...MILITARY STYLE...owww owww owww and NL can do my coverup work for me....thats it, neighbor beware, you about to get a hiding man....hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Everybody is responsible for their own actions! so Bai & Leweni... i advice you to withdraw now and seek 4giveness b4 it's too late...when the breath of life is taken away from you....and you will stand up in b4 God on the JUDGEMENT DAY....You'll regret it if you don't withdraw now & seek 4giveness from the public!! the punishment that will be given to you on earth will be tiny as a seed compared to that which will be given by God! so remember SUFFER NOW & ENJOY LATER...rather than enjoying now then suffer later coz you're going to suffer 4ever later.......just A thought!

Anonymous said...

Frank is not satisfied!! He wants to control and have everything...the wife doesn't give much satisfaction...and he is making the Nation suffer!! he is going Crazy....and does not think of others esp the future generation....he has spoiled their future....wot will happen if Fiji is banned form every benefits it is receiving from overseas ur?

if there is somebody giving money to Frank so that he can do wotever he is doing, you are only adding more fuel into you two's fire from hell!!
Binimarama can see his own people suffering and he himself enjoying...remember those who r suffering now will ENJOY LATER!!
you enjoying now will SUFFER LATER!! GOD IS WATCHING!!

slevin kelevra said...

FB was right 2 get rid of the corrupt & self-serving SDL govt & their ministers & i support them in that respect, but he's spoilt his initial good work by murdering innocent people and letting his soldiers get away with.....not a very good example of the accountability and transparency he's constantly preaching about...very disappointing!

Anonymous said...

I would know what is happening with the case of the Coca Cola staff who was murdered at the Suva Yacht Club on the night of VB's daughter's wedding. That is one we should not forget as long as VB can breathe as he balmed corruption for the take over of Dec 5, 2006.

Anonymous said...

I've examined recent photos of Frankie and it seems that he don't really know what's going on...his body language and postures says it all. He is lost and does not have any sense of direction...if a PM does not know a simple english word such as gazzete, God knows what else is in his grey matter...