March 02, 2007

Military releases Mesake Koroi

Fiji Daily Post general manager was released at midday today after 24 hours in detention, the newspaper reports on its website.

The newspaper says soldiers brought Koroi back to its offices at 12.15pm. He was detained over the military's irritation with the "tone of recent articles and features published in the newspaper".

Koroi was taken by soldiers to Queen Elizabeth Barracks yesterday morning after a letter was published in the newspaper yesterday titled 'The Great Conspiracy' which "alleged and named conspirators" in the December 5 coup. (Intelligentsiya suggested yesterday that it could have been because of another letter titled 'Defunct Police Force' but an anonymous commenter alerted us to the actual source of the military's ire. That letter has since been removed from the newspaper's website.)

Koroi's detention - three times this week, it is understood - did not seem to take away his sense of humour though.

The newspaper said on its website: "
Upon his release Mr Koroi commented that he had a chance to count 2539 ants crawling across his cell but he lost count of the mosquitoes."


Anonymous said...

Good on you Mesake. Keep up the good fight with these bastards by enjoying the detention with the ants and mosquitoes.Like Mesake, i would rather befriend the ants and the mossies than to give in to these Frank and his fart catches. To Frank and your disciples, Lucifer is keeping a special cell in hell where you will all burn and be eaten alive with worms forever and ever.

Anonymous said...

trust mesake to continue this way!!! lol! lol! lol! just goes to show, they can take away our freedoms, but they cant take away our dignity .. to o bad the men & women in green cant say the same things about themselves. Keep rocking that boat Mes!

one coincidence too many said...

Is this the same Mesake Koroi who:
- was appointed PRO for the Fiji Police Force during the Qarase administration
- had a stint at Radio Fiji during the Qarase administration
- is GM of Daily Post, which championed every cause of the Qarase Administration, and is now the 'freedom/democracy' paper?
Coincidence? I think not.

Keep The Faith said...

One coincidence too many -- yes it is that same Mesake.

However, is this issue still about SDL cronies or about our democracy??

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the last commentator in reminidng us of what this is all about - is it about political parties or is it about us the people who make up the government of the day and our rights. Unfortunately this government is not one of our making but that of the barrel of the gun.