March 09, 2007

The mind boggles... (or Googles, as the case may be) the sudden centre-stage spotlight attention on Intelligentsiya.

Where one would expect the substance of our blogs to warrant attention (we ARE talking about human lives here people), in true propaganda deflection mode, the messenger is being shot at instead (pun intended).

The Ministry of Information has released a statement more or less warning our local media houses not to refer to Intelligentsiya. We will continue to post our thoughts unabashed. And we do recognise that the "pinpoint the enemy" tactic has been deployed.

A shout-out to you "savusavu4ever" --- thank you for your comments. We hope we can be in touch soon [].

Kudos to the Post Fiji staff who today stood up to intimidation. That's all it takes folks. Some collectively stiff backbones that will not wilt under psychological pressure.

Stand by...the ride has just begun!


Anonymous said...

Bula! nice blogging...your blog has been linked through our

Long Live free speech:)

Anonymous said...

The military should forget about hunting for you guys. They should just address the abuses they are guilty of (lives and livelihood). Thanks for your Peaceful resistance. Lets not go down to their level. Lets just speak the truth. Because someone said "the truth will set you free".
Always looked up to the Fiji military and their proud traditions...not anymore. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for intelligtensia -
I love this site - its the peoples voice. Let the party begin!!