March 26, 2007

Missing the point...again and again

We have had several threatening and foul-mouthed comments since publicity about Intelligentsiya mushroomed. At first we refused to allow such rubbish on our blogs, but in the interest of fairness and to illustrate the mentality of some coup-supporters, we reproduce the comment below (from someone posting under the name Moape Tivili), complete with Fijian swearwords, the mildest of which calls us "block heads" for expressing a different opinion to those who have seized power:
"Isa you makubuni polo bona's and maga bona's. You only choose to publish comments that favours SDL. Continue hiding and barking from behind that fence. It is a well known fact that dogs who bark so aggressively from behind their fenced compounds will never ever hurt you.

Isa my makubuni ulukau's, thanks for creating for dogs who bark behind fenced compounds. All your aggressive barking won't bring the corrupt Qarase regime back. Isa ulukau's, we apologize for that. We certainly enjoy listening to all your barks. No one ever pays attention since it will never bring about any change in Fiji's government. We do have the pills that will soothe your sore throats as a result from all the barking. Isa, ni sa moce dau yavu ulukau's."

There has also been some persistent comments that we are people who have an axe to grind over the ousting of Laisenia Qarase's government. We can state for a fact that not every Intelligentsiya blogger voted for SDL or even mildly liked the party. We reiterate again that what we object to is the violent removal of our freedoms in the name of a national clean-up campaign. Why can't the clean-up happen without the military-perpetrated violence, without the intimidation, without detaining people who do not share the military's view?

Before we move on to clarifying the other issues, here's another comment from anonymous:
"Its quite surprising that this website was not created after the 2000 coup. So much talk about democracy now but where were all this talk during the 2000 coup? Its quite evident that the creators of this website are staunch supporters hurting from the rightful removal of the corrupt Qarase regime. Democracy has never changed its meaning over the centuries so I don't see why some dogs are barking now and not in 1987 or 2000.

Also, to say you're silently expressing your oppostion to this long overdue most welcomed regime change speaks a lot about your true characters. Christ, Mandella or Mahatma Ghandi spoke bravely without hiding their faces. Actions from such brave revered men certainly brought about massive changes thats still lingers today.

In no way did they ever attempted to conceal their identities. Unlike the cowardly creators of intelligentsiya who conceal their identities, all the big talk relating to the 2006 coup only won't bring any changes. You dogs can continue barking behind your fences. You would only gain respect if you were barking from 1987 till now. Unfortunately thats not the case with you SDL supporters. What would hurt you guys more is a snap referendum today would clearly reveal that 82% of the population support the removal of the corrupt Qarase regime. By the way I'm a full blooded Fijian.

Have a great time maintaining this blog site and continue barking."

A similar anti-Intelligentsiya question has been why such a blog was not put up in 1987 and in 2000. In 1987, most of us were still in primary and high school and blogs were probably not even imagined then. In 2000, the concept of blogs was still in its infancy globally. Back then you could probably have counted those in Fiji who knew what a blog was on your fingers. By 2006, the blogging phenomenon was pretty much widespread and offered the best platform to express uncensored opinion on the coup. So we hope that puts such comments into perspectives.

By the way, another (or perhaps the same) commenter warned: "Lol ur Dayz Are Numbered!!"

We must point out, again in the interest of fairness, that some pro-Intelligentsiya commenters have also used swearwords, but directed at the military and interim regime.

There have been other comments in less colourful language, such as one suggesting Intelligentsiya is now a "voice in the wilderness" and others that suggest the "majority" of Fiji's population actually think this ongoing madness is good. Thanks for that, but you only need to look at the growing number of blogs calling for the army to give up the government, and you'll realize that a good number of people want true "normalcy" to return. (Remember how that word was so common after the 2000 coup, yet we hardly hear it now?) And to the anonymous commenter who suggested asking people what they thought of the interim government: Who would want to give a less-than-glowing review if they fear being taken by soldiers for expressing such a thought?

Meanwhile, not to be too distracted, as a follow-up to our previous post about the growing community of "Freedom Bloggers", we welcome aboard "Resist Franks Coup". The blog has some interesting behind-the-scenes claims regarding the Commodore and his junta. We're not expecting Leweni to make an announcement on national television that the military is searching for the author of Resist Franks Coup, though.

Let's also welcome Fiji Free Speech (complete with its own domain name), put up by a media professional anonymously. This clamour for freedom just got louder!

Freedom lives, even if it's only in cyberspace.


GOT PROOF? said...

Please bring on the snap referendum! please. that will solve this once and for all!
Why do you think the illegal military regime is hiding behind 4 years of illegal rule!!!!


As for hidden identity, after what happened to Rabaka and Verebasaga it's only logical that we protect ourselves and family members.

I'd just as soon hurt anyone who does my family harm! but i won't reduce myself to the level of the idiots in this illegal regime or the thugs hiding behind the green uniform!!!

Never Say Die said...

Good work, bloggers!!! At least we have shown that we have indeed ruffled some feathers. They have now stooped so low as to use curses to defend their cause, something which you would hardly read from an intelligentsiya blogger simply because we do not need to swear, we swear to tell the TRUTH.

When this whole thing started out, it was because of 'corruption' in the government. Okay, maybe you do have a point there but who in this later days has seen an entirely corruption-free government? Please do not get me wrong, I for one voted against the SDL government but I still have my values and I believe that if you have any issues against someone else, then there are legal avenues that can be followed to get justice.

If the military junta was true to their word in uncovering corruption, then why did they not take all their evidence to the relevant authorities? Or if they feel justified in taking action the way they did, how come we have not been presented with proof? All we have had so far is the military trying to get an internationally-known conman to con the people of Fiji into thinking that the military did have evidence. Was that the only evidence they had?

Two deaths and more than a handful of abuse cases later, we are still waiting for something to prove the military worthy of trust. All we have had so far is the military bulldozing their way around, removing a lot of worthy people from positions that they have really proved their worth in, trying to make us believe that we can do without support from our big overseas brothers and just lately, trying to punish some people (civil servants) for what they (the military) did! What do we get out of that? Nothing but chaos and trouble. For someone that high in the military hierarchy to even think, let alone say, that all those civil servants who walk off their jobs would not be allowed to return to work is a clear indication of how shallow their thinking is!

And just to conclude, to that illiterate person who does not know enough of netiquette, trust me, back in 1987 and 2000, blogs were hardly an everyday thing. In 2000, even e-mail was a new thing! And anyway, in 1987, a coup was a new thing, so we all stood by to see what would happen. In 2000, we thought maybe it would help. But in 2006, we are trying to say that we have had enough! If I am right, the only ones who would stand to suffer if the military takeover last year had not taken place would have been the military themselves. This was never about the people!

For Fiji, ever Fiji!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't ever be intimidated by the cowardly and obscene comments from those supporting the illegal regime currently in Fiji. Their abuse of the English language speaks volume of how illeterate they and their bosses at the military camp are. Worse enough that they're mouthing off with guns in their hands, which is what cowards do. Yet they lack the brains to realise it. The Military and the lackeys who support them are ever more bold and murderous in their actions in flouting the law. I would not be surprised if the Military was behind the fire that killed retired Major Eddie Hefernan and his family in Suva last week. After all he was twice taken to the camp and is a relative of another thorn in the military's side, his niece, Angie Hefernan who has taken the military to court. As well, Major Hefernan's wife, Mere Vulakoro is a cousin of Laisa Vulakoro, another critic of the Military. This is certainly the rumour now doing the rounds among the relatives in Suva. We can only now call on the more reasoned and intelligent members of the military to rid Fiji of their dictator leaders and restore a sense of humanity back to our beloved country.

Nadrokid said...

It is clear from "Moape Tivili's" post that she is a woman. She accusses anti-coup people for hiding behind a fence and barking and yet chooses to hide behind a man's name and bark. Enough said.
As for SDL, I never was a supporter of any party let alone SDL. I have always voted the individual and dont give a hoot what party they belong to. I just will not stand by and watch people bullied and tortured by people hiding behind guns. We dont need that. Fullstop!

Anonymous said...

Well I'd like to say that if these ppl (the pessimists who think we're supporting LQ by writing into this blogsite) think that we and of course the creators of this site are LQ fans well they obviously have to think again.

AND all that foul language, well all I can say is that if these ppl have an opinion then it sure shows that intelligentsiya has achieved its objective(s). What ppl want is a view or perspective about what is going on and if ppl have totally different views then all respect that we differ in our interpretations and those that we support in the circumstances. Certainly the expletives printed here show true feeling for Frank and his cronies. Others would feel the same for LQ or for whatever reason each wishes to champion.

Me ... well I wasn't here in 2000 and neither was I around in 1987 but I am certainly here in 2007 and I sure have an opinion on what has transpired. So this is me thanking intelligentsiya for sharing their sentiments with me.

Good Men (and women) Doing Something.... said...

I currently have a poll that has been running on my blog for over a week. Over 85% of the people who have voted, have voted to oppose the IG.

So there!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

He calls us Ulukau yet he fails to understand that standing up for democracy does not mean standing up for any particular party not does it mean standing up for any particular race.

It just means standing up for the ideals of fairness and honesty.

Reminds me of something a relative always said, "Sega ni yaga na veiba kei na ulukau .. ca gona ni da duidui mona."

i think the person who sent in those comments can read and translate my sentiments.


Anonymous said...

We'll see about the barking when people start going on strike to add some bite. This is obviously very worrying for Franks and cronies (judging for their pleas/threats) as they know this will give an opportunity for the people to let Frank know how they really feel about him and his IG. Judging from the strike ballot boxes from the several Unions already in the people are ready to be heard.

Anonymous said...


Im just as full blooded Fijian as the next taukei, but if there is one thing that seperates me from you is the fact that I dont have my head up my ass....two wrongs dont make a right...and just for your info, not all of us FULL BLOODED FIJIANS are supporters of QARASE!!! What we are supporters of is FREEDOM, DUELY ELECTED OFFICIALS, DUE PROCESS, JUDICIARY, FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND MEDIA FREEDOM ABOVE ALL...and as for your snap poll bull crap...85%, please dont fool yourself, the only thing that is 85% is the water mass in your brain...ULU WAIWAI,

And just a message to all those second hand bitchs :mainly FULL BLOODED FIJIANS AND a game of chess, you always save your best assets for last and send your pawns out first...everything is about strategy and planning and logistics and forward thinking....something that neither you two nor the IG bothered to do before endevouring on a failed mission!!! As for revealing our identities, dont worry about that honeys...under the sun, a time and a place and a place for time has everything....we will all reveal ourselves.....So please, to all those military scaries out there, keep reading this posting from ME, cause the fact that you havent been able to shut this down is a reflection of pathetic SO CALLED INTELLIGENCE!!!hahahahaha...pathetic, Peter fosters soliders excepting bribes from him, your NAVY commander arrested for murder, those other six soliders that killed the boy rabaka....and you want to talk at us about respect...respect your self and shut up...cause you dont even know your ass from your toe by the callibre of your unpatriotic trisonous support for militia violence against civilians who dare to use their own god given brains instead of being being force fed by these modern day fricks....


Anonymous said...

man some people sa thing saraga that because they can spell they sa smart....ULU KAU!!!

man, whats all this talk about polls in 87 and in 2000, first of all in 87, not even the government had much computers let alone internet, they only had type writers so how do you expect us to use the internet when it was sooo expensive back in the day, secondly as for this 2000 coup where where us big mouths, well the difference between that coup and this coup is the fact that the 2000 one was done by a minor portion of fijians civilians who wanted power and we had the military to protect with this coup now, its the other way round, we have the military that was protecting civilians the last time hurting the very people they said they would protect

Anonymous said...

Foremost I'd like to thank the bloggers for voicing the cries of most ppl.I salute you guys and what a bold step you all have taken!
Vinaka for doing something that is starting to rock the boat.

Let us hope for more waves to hit the very nerve of the ppl that condemns these blog sites.

As for Mr Tivili, if he is a full blooded Fijian like he said he is, then those inappropriate comments he made shows that somewhere down the line he missed out on the true value of being a Fijian.( VEIROKOROKOVI)
Well, here's to you Mr Tivili,"sa kua so mada na dokadoka"

Anonymous said...

well cant beat ga the gang who want to think they can lead FIJI...

in a press statement.. ahh..ahh said that people shud be careful on the roads because of the HORSES & the COWSES... bly me! cowses! he must have had too much milking done to him that he is speaking... spanglish!!

waraka namaka... ahh, ahh, soon you will hear the MAJORITY...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Honestly, either way you dont have to be a full blooded fijian for your opinions to count...TIVILI and FULL BLOODED FIJIAN...yellow, black, white and red...we just as fijian as the rest of the lot...the difference is that we know how to respect others and not hide behind noda tutu ni matai valu to justify our actions....second hand b......just like everything about you, talk is cheap


Anonymous said...

None of you full blooded Fijians ever complained about NLTB's abuse or GCC.
Is that not a human rights issue?

newsfiji said...

I salute you Chief Intellintsiya for publishing those comments that support this illegal idiot regime.

It just goes to show their upbringing.

Some people are brought up in poverty stricken backgrounds and work their way up to become very successful individuals.

Some people are brought up in poverty stricken backgrounds and end up being just that - poverty stricken all their lives, because they're not willing to work hard.

Those two (2) people who swore at all of us obviously come under the 2nd category as above.

It's rather sad - i do feel for them.

My suggestion to them is to refrain from swearing at people like that because you end up painting a very bad picture of yourself.

Get a life!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous ... what are you saying no one complained about the NLTB or the GCC???

Have you been out of touch with the dailies and the Court cases? We had court cases since the 1980s challenging a Chief's right to that 15% that he/she receives from NLTB for lease payments. And the cases keep increasing up till very recently with the Monasavu case. Rt Penaia Ganilau had made that arrangement with how many tabua that he presented to the Chiefs from the area. The case also implied deals with the issue of a challenge to Rt Penaia and all the chiefs in Govt after him who never bothered to give back the compensation that was owed to those landowners.

And as for the GCC, isn't it always being challenged by virtue of landowners challenging the powers of the NLTB? The NLTB is structured in such a way that it implicitly recognises chiefs as the head of a mataqali, tokatoka, yavusa or vanua. How many cases have gone before the Native Land Commission challenging the right of a particular chief to the title or to the proceeds of lease payments or even to his/her right over a piece of land which is revenue generating?

Obviously you are not in tune with the current development where the people of Tavua have complained openly about the treatment received by the current Tui Tavua who is also the head of the GCC. Again it is being challenged everyday ... so yes we full-blooded Fijians have been complaining and pointing out issues that we need addressed.

Get a life, grab a newspaper and go do your research.

FALLENangel said...

i can't really say that i understand what all the fuss is all about but just for the point of fairness i was never a fan of the SDL government and probably never will. when the takeover happened, i was happy (in a primordial kinda way) but what with all the talk of human rights abuses and incidental deaths, i must say that the military has the responsibility to hold to their oaths that there would be no bloodshed in this time. what happened to that?

the military has concluded its investigations into the Verebasaga affair. i shud hope that they hand over all their findings to the police so that the family can be assured that there truly is no corruption in the martial arm of our nation. it'd be sad if that never happens.

Vasemaca said...

GO HARD Inteligentsiya.
Dogs barking behind a fence is a form of communication, perhaps these dogs will never hurt anyone, but maybe that's the point... unlike the army, this way provokes the mind and encourages change without the threat of violence and intimidation.

These haters honestly sound crazy.

Go well.

Keep The Faith said...

Hey last anon...if it was a human rights issue guess what the SHYSTER is earning her moula from our taxes to bring it to justice...not the full blooded fijians matey.

But your point is moot could full blooded fijians complain if they were not empowered to understand how to engage with the democratic structures in place like their MPs who they elected, ministers who are accountable to us voters, letters to ed, auditor general etc etc...

Again it falls under the SHYSTER to make peoples rights come alive and not be limited to being words in the constitution and CERTAINLY NOT limited to "elites" who have the means and the time to pursue complaints or legal proceedings!

Wedge Antilles said...

I commend your journo instincts to offer some balance in your blogs. But you must remember that your blogs are a kind of balance and antidote in themselves, to the guarded, controlled and even biased window dressing in the mainstream media. And if I wanted to read rubbish like Moape Tivili's, all I need to do is log on to FijiLive's Forum discussions. But as it is, I feel my IQ plummeting by the sentence every time I try to plough through the kind of contrived, convoluted, discombobulated illogic churned out by the military's media cell ghost-writers. So I'd just as soon pass!

mum&dadsoffiji said...

Vinaka to all you men and women who stand for the truth and for free speach, from the bottom of my heart thankyou for your courage and just for having the balls....
To the anon who aren't as like- minded people please go

SDL To Da Bone said...

These idiots must be joking. 82%? Where do you get such idiots? The propaganda machine of the army is steaming ahead with all its bullshit as usual. We SDL supporters want nothing less than an election tomorrow and we will whip all your asses. When the Army propaganda teams visit our villages, they will be received with polite smiles and shy looks. Turn your backs and the most vile Fijian swears and curses will follow you all the way to your homes. You will learn how we 'Tau Vanuas' or even 'kaisi's play the game. (Ni keimami sa kaisi na kaisi, ya sa kaisi saraga na ka taucoko). Everybody knows that this coup was an act of vengeance by the Mara Family, Frank, Mahen and Rajen and Lekhram and Poseci as well. We ordinary Fijians will get our revenge at the Ballot Box and the Courts of Law. Is that not what the RFMF was making a song and dance out of? Puhleeaassee!! Rule of Law? Break the greatest law of the land and then expect everybody else to be law abiding. SDL will win every election after this.The December 5th coup made sure of that. Anything else is just wishful thinking. Bring it on!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like I have ruffled a few feathers. The funny part is its just a few, 21 or so. That does not add up to the huge majority who support the IG. It doesn't take a genious to realize that the blog author would only publish comments thats supportive of their personal agenda. Of course feedbacks that support my comments won't be published in order to make intelligensiya look good.

To say that you are not SDL supportors but in the same breath you critize the IG just does not add up. What wrong has the IG done. A coup has happened and it cannot be reversed. The IG is a result of this coup just like in 1987 and 2000. Though the removal of the corrupt SDL government was illegal we must still support the IG to move Fiji forward.

I never swore in any way so stop accusing me of such things. For further clarification I am also not the same person who wrote 'ur days are numbered'. After all its so good to hear you dogs barking so aggressively from behind your fences after being stung by my comments ... LOL. Of course I am expecting the blog author to entertain comments thats against me and not for. All your comments do not hurt one bit as I said no change in government will occur. Only in your wildest dreams.

news fiji said...

To anonymous: May God Bless You!

May you continously pray that your brothers, sisters, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, husband/wife not be taken in by the soldiers and get beaten to death.

You say: what has the IG done?

I say: Nothing. The IG stand by and say nothing whilst all our basic rights are being thrown out the window.

Very soon our very right to breath will be in jeopardy.

Keep The Faith said...

Good job Anon! You're BACK (as predicted).

That's the beauty of least democracy (and the freedom of your e-expressions) is alive in the blogosphere.

To be very frank we DO post all comments like yours so that all readers can see just how unfortunately fragmented (but changing swiftly) our society is. This is expected in any society so your little "jab" about propaganda maneuvouring is a little way off the mark there...unless you have also conveniently forgotten that we are advocating Democracy and Civil Liberties.

There WILL be a change in "power" -- the people will see to that. Surely you are not fickle enough to depend on blog comment numbers as an assessment of the temperature of the will of the people?

As for feather ruffling -- pooh! Need we remind you that our feather ruffling of the junta has us on their "to catch" list. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Anon - obviously you're in your youth because you don't seem to grasp the very basic aspect of any democratic society which the IG has run over thanks to the military and their guns.

We say keep barking yourself but the ballot boxes will have its say eventually.

Whodat said...

Anon asks what has the IG done (that was wrong)? Well apart from the reason given by NewsFiji, there is the small issue of Misprison of Treason! Anecdotal testimony in the Freedom Blogs and on the streets indicate that almost ALL the IG Cabinet Ministers had committed to serve in the IG BEFORE the coup even took place. That means they absolutely knew, approved, aided and abetted treason! It also means they absolutely must have been prepared to take the risk of subjecting Fiji to the economic and human rights consequences we are now suffering from. So it is pointless for them to invoke the need to focus on moving the country forward, when they were the ones responsible for assisting in moving us all backward in the first place.
The idea that only SDL supporters oppose the coup is also brain-damaged! That must mean that the EU, Pacific Forum, UN, the Commonwealth, Amnesty International ... etc. are all SDL supporters (after having been hardline FLP supporters in 2000). Hello!
Finally, if the IG is so popular, where is the evidence? Where is all the lavish praise in the Letters to the Editor, or the Editorials? Why does Frank have to go everywhere with huge possies of bodyguards if he is so popular? Where is the kind of blatant partisan triumphalism that accompanied previous coups? Why are the Unions, whom you would expect to be politically sympathetic towards the IG, voting to strike against them in exactly the same majorities as they always have against any Government? Why are there 10 Freedom Blogs and NO IG support blogs? Why is the IG so evasive about holding elections ASAP if it is so popular?
Anon doesn't seem too interested in letting reality get in the way of his/her preconceived opinions. That is fine - there are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see! Just continue to call 'em as you see 'em, and let those who can see choose themselves!

Anonymous said...

To Anon:

Nut!!! Isa lei. the fact that you have choosen to take the low road and berate yourself again on this blog site shows that its you and not us whose got their panties n a bunch or ruffled feathers as you like to put it.

You can bitch and mourn and rant on all you want, but on election day....we might not want SDL back in power but I will tell you this, POCECI BUNE, CHAUDARY, BERNY GANILAU etc and any military endorsed candidate will not see the light of day in office.

You all talk of corruption and deceit by the SDL gov, but Im yet to see any real proof, solid tangible proof that would stand in a court of law. So far, all you guys have done for us ordinary country men and women is get our tourism jobs lost, our sugar assistance from the eu suspended, our aid from ADB suspended, cancelled all meeting for hotels to be held in their respective ministry conference rooms, voice the idea of ID cards etc...

Lets face it guys, your so called clean up campaign is nothing short of a dirty mess. You have killed innocent people whose only crime was drug peddling, and being drunk and arresting people and punching them up for not supporting you scaries, you have thrown everything good that we hard working ordinary persons have worked hard for. We try day in and day out to put our kids through school, put food on the table and shoes on their feet and what good do you guys do for us: Cut our salary, stage a coup when you know full and well that we cant afford one, you make us to mumble under our breaths

Have you military personell no shame for your actions. Im a daughter, a mother, an aunt, a niece and a friend but above all Im a fijian and I have never in my life had to worry about things or watch what I say. You lot have brought nothing but shame to us, o go na matagali varau ni taukei!!! You show no class, no real intent to do good for the average person, you stalk us and make us to hide in fear of voicing our identities

I have passed the state of anger and foul mouthing, Im at a stage now where Im just taken aback at how you guys could have started something such as a clean-up campaign with such good intentions and ended up with in such a mess. As the late Adi Queenie Speed said during the 2000 coup: I sympathesis with your cause, not your actions. You may have started out well, but mid way through you have brought fiji to her knees, we a not a people to be eager to violence, nor civil unrest or strife.

Step down guys, go home to your familys, take care of your children and leave the politics to the politians and the law to the police. And frank, please dont give government vehicles to family to drive around and military personell to make personal errands, lako e vale, garava na nomu matavuvale, o iko sa tauvimate. Its time.


Anonymous said...

isa keep up the Good work Intelligentiya! if God is with us then no weapon formed against us shall prosper!

SDL To Da Bone said...

Just talked an NLTB employee today who was complaining bitterly about how some soldiers came the other day to the counter and loudly demanded to be served immediately. None of these three numbskulls even took notice of the numerous Fijian gentlemen and women who sat quietly and patiently to be served. One of the three, in uniform was grabbed by the collar by an NLTB manager (and who also is a member of the Territorial Force (TF) but did not march in) and warned to have some respect for all the Turaga ni Vanuas who were there. Also, the investigating committee that was formed by the IG, namely, a Kalivati Batibasaga, Ratu Luke Yavaca, Ponipate Lesavua and Apakuki Kurusiga are now finding out that the NLTB had nothing to hide after all. All the decisions made by the NLTB are made in accordance with the Native Land's Act. No matter what the complainants say, the decision will always be made in accordance with the law. Apparently, Cranky Franky and Ului were paying very close attention to every word that fell from Kalivati Batibasaga. To those of you who do not know of this idiot; he is from Serua (no offence to the wekas from the chiefly land of Serua) and has been selling himself to the Fijian people as a person better than Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna. In one of the most sickening episodes of vanity I have ever had the misfortune to experience, I listened as this idiot went on and on about him being the CHOSEN ONE, that even a professor of the University that he had attended decided to retire because he had finally met the promised person who had the wisdom of the ages. Now, Batibasaga, actually weaves all sorts of intriguing versions of tales, ancient dances and folklore about Fiji's past and which he links to contemporary events. Wonder of wonders, this is what Frank and most of his officer corp and the rest of the RFMF are using as their moral guide. Little do they know that Batibasaga is taking them on one wild ride. Now, Kurusiga and the rest of the investigation team are starting to find out just how much of a vain idiot this Batibasaga is. Batibasaga has a Masters Degree in Enviromental Science or something of the sort but he has lost all touch with reality and the RFMF is following him blindly, with tongues lolling waiting for the next revelation to fall from his mouth. In one of his programmes (called Noqu Bulikula on Viti FM) he actually called Ratu Sukuna a con man and that the EPG that came to Fiji were people of the same ilk. When that programme comes on you can be sure to find every soldier, from Vo down to the youngest soldier with heads glued to radios and transistors as Batibasaga weaves his magic on their simple minds. This is no joke. These people actually believe this bullshit and Fiji gets to suffer the consequences. To Anonymous, enjoy Batibasaga's ramblings in the uniform and offices that we tax payers paid for while you can. Oh, and to cap off the complaint from this friend of mine from NLTB. The IG appointed investigation team has to be paid from NLTB funds and they are claiming all sorts of things such as mileage payments for their cars and other very strange financial claims, although no such facilities exists in the NLTB accounting system. Now, like everyone of you good people, I also would like corruption eradicated, but we have laws, rules and procedures within the Constitution and legislation to take of that right? If any SDL member, from LQ down to us rank and file members are found guilty of corruption, hell, I would be the first one to say, throw the idiot in jail. But has the IG found anything on us yet? Anything worth throwing a government over for? I know that you will agree with me that a resounding NO is the answer. The SDL will prevail. We will not go away. The Rule of Law will return one day and we will remember that some of our Indian brothers and sisters such as Richard Naidu and Attar Singh, the young democracy shriners, and some members of the Fiji Women's Rights Movement took some of the blows that rightly should have been ours. Thank you bloggers of Fiji for supporting the rule of law and for standing up for what is right.

SDL To Da Bone said...

Anonymous, do you know how much sweat is pouring off Cranky Franky and Mahen's foreheads, trying to keep things going. As you and your friends fritter away our hard earned money (yes the same paisa that you had accused the SDL of squandering) the economy is going to hell and the doors of all our international partners are closing one by one. And I can also hear the drops of sweat from the 4th Floor and Ro Lalabalavu House, hitting their floors of deception with amazing clarity. I can also hear the jail doors of Korovou and Naboro creaking open for their venerable soon to be guests. George Speight will have good company soon. GOD is good. Come quickly LORD. Let their god Batibasaga save them.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing to watch the events in Fiji unfolds. The real criminal has behave themselves while the army has taken over suits of a criminal. They have open themselves up to evil spirits and wickedness so they can terrorise others. They have broken into homes take ppl without charging them. I guess u call this kidnapping, they have become a law unto themselves. (Most of them n not all) Do wot they want and take wot they like. Abuse who they want. By sunday its all church day. The hypocrisy of a pharisee sits at there shoulder while they sing the hymn donu donu donu. Well wot comes around goes around. Empty vessels makes loud noise. Frank n his big mouth just cause his got guts wid a big gun. He has turned this beautiful nation into turmoil. A great chaos has been brought by this man. He has taken Fiji and cut it into pieces by sacking top people n tryin to stir the hate between the races of this nation n its people. Bringing in past hatred n causing conflicts n confusion wid his mouth. He refuses to reconcile with the former SDL goverment during the reconciliation rallies including the fiji labour party and all those who in the IG now. Its seems like the Mara clan n friends including Frank are tryin to build up its former glory even though they didnt bring much into the nation just power for respect n control ppl n there money. He says one thing and he does the opposite. He is good at pointing fingers at others and yet he can't take it when others point fingers at him. It seems like he needs to be cleaned up with his cronies and cleaned out. The point is what is his coup for? This coup is a cover up for himself and his cronies and at the same time tried to use the GCC to hide his cause in which was widely condemn by the GCC. Now his hidding behind the president just cause he is a a High Chief and off age. Now we all know he is after power cause he wouldn't accept the police investigation into the ruthless murders of the former CRW under his order including the 2 who recently dies. The blood of the innocent is crying out. Justice will soon swallow up the wicked. No matter where they go or wot they got. At the end of the day justice will soon prevail and take it stands. So where to now from here Bainimarama? Our call now people is to excute justice and let it come quick. Keep writing people keep writing. Cause there is no rest for the wicked.

Anonymous said...

What do you bloggers think about affirmative action? Do you think it is racist and as such undemocratic? I wonder why this web site does not discuss about affirmative action and the RTU bill proposed by SDL. Did you guys study under affirmative action/handout?