March 09, 2007

A model for Fiji

When Fiji's military took over the country, one of the models they cited was Pakistan, and it is clear from statements over several years that there is considerable admiration among the high command for Pervez Musharraf. Those who believe the army will usher in a corruption-free age would do well to reflect on this paragraph from the Wikipedia article on the Pakistani dictator:

"One of the expectations when Musharraf came to power was that the rampant corruption existing in government machinery would be cleaned up. Musharraf himself stated that a crackdown on corruption would be initiated but years into his administration, many neutral analysts have noted that the military regime is letting the corrupt go free. In fact, according to a survey by Transparency International , Musharraf's regime is now perceived by many Pakistanis to be more corrupt than the previous democratic governments led by Ms. Bhutto and Sharif. Critics of his administration point to the fact that Pakistan, which was placed at 79 in the ranking 5 years back is now ranked at 142 putting them at one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Columnists like Irfan Hussain state that the present regime is more corrupt than the one it replaced, which was accused of corruption, and that "crooks are flourishing more than ever before". There have also been allegations that corrupt servicemen aren't being prosecuted because of the Military Junta 's clout. Pakistani media too have alleged that individual corruption of the previous government was replaced by institutionalised corruption of the Pakistan Army, awarding land deeds and a life of luxury to its officers. During his trip to the US to promote his book, he was accused by many back in Pakistan to have cost the government exchequer up to $1 million, for which he was criticised by opposition parties."

(Pervez Musharraf. (2007, March 8). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved, March, 2007, from

Transparency International's Fiji luminaries might also reflect on this excerpt in light of their decision to "co-operate" with the regime.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this article. The army can only remove corruption by replacing the humans in the last government with angels from heaven. Sorry no! thats not right even angels can get tempted and fall into sin...wasnt Satan an angel before power got to his head and he wanted to COUP his boss?). So the answer is as the Pakistani Army are finding out and this Fiji army will also find out that you cannot eradicate corruption. At least not in the manner they are trying to do force or by the gun. Change has to come from within. Peace!

Anonymous said...

Hey, isnn't it true that vodafone had supplied senior military officers with mobile phones during the coup? And isn't it true that some Ministers in the interim regime have interest in some hire cars firms that were hired by the army during the coup and thereafter? So, how come Bainimarama claims he is out to rid Fiji of corruption?