March 22, 2007

The People’s Manifesto: Part 1

Intelligentsiya has been growing as a forum where people can exchange views freely on matters that penetrate deep into our lives; issues that ultimately affect the path our society is taking.

Are we on the road to a free, fair and corruption-free Fiji or is this the beginnings of a brutal dictatorship?

The Fiji Military Forces are desperate to convince the population that it knows what its doing; that it is taking us back to the “way the world should be”.

The military is working to gather support from key figures to lend legitimacy to its rule in the eyes of the people. And on that score it has made a few hits.

The latest heavy-weight to express some sort of support for the military-installed interim regime is well-known academic Dr Satendra Nandan, whose name is recognized by most of us who went to school in Fiji as the author of several texts.

Dr Nandan has repeated descriptions of the Dec. 5 coup as the “lesser of two evils” compared to the alleged corrupt rule of the ousted government and declared Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama as a “modern leader”. (Read more about Dr Nandan's praise for the coup at Bainivore's blog, Hearts and Minds.)

On the face of it, public opinion seems to have swung away from the interim regime, which is obvious with the public sector unions voting to strike. Popular support for the military is wavering.

Fellow freedom blogger at "Discombobulated Bubu" has news from her patch of the Fijian heartland about villagers now beginning to question how this coup is turning out.

A majority of Intelligentsiya readers have advocated for peaceful but sustained resistance to this direction of this regime. Beginning today, we will occasionally summarize thoughts from our readers and present them as the People’s Manifesto.

A contributor called “Never say Die” who claims to be a former soldier has a straightforward reply to those who believe the military can pull off ruling a country with an iron-fist.

“Well, being a former soldier, I must say that this is why a career soldier is NOT suited to run a government. In the military, when you give orders, those below you (in rank) do not ask why but they do it. Like they always told us during recruit, ‘When I say jump, jump!!!’

Now that he has taken over the government, he tries to bring that military-style leadership to a democratic arena and I don't see any chance in hell for it to work out!

What he has managed to do is simply to harden the hearts and resolve of the people. And I tell you, when the souls of the people cry out, they will definitely be heard!!!

Just a few minutes ago, I heard on the news that Mr Bune said that nothing further will be said on the 5% pay cut and that what the Prime Minister said will stand, no matter what. If that is not dictatorship, I dont know what is!!!

Hope we will get our beloved country back before they take us to hell with them.”

An anonymous contributor said:

“And now the Military have gone and questioned Kenneth Zinck for comments he made on television about taking one's case to Court. Isn't that what the Military wanted in the first place? To use the current mechanisms and to avoid any "instability" (always perceived by the military I must add).

Goodness the military says to go to Court and when one does go to Court and tells the world about what has happened, the military takes the man in for questioning. So what else does the military not want the public to do? If someone's pay has to be docked I say dock 50% from all officers of the RFMF.”

Another reader, newsfiji, said: “It's so depressing! I'm sure we all don't want to see this same Fiji in the next 6 months. The big question is: What are we going to do about it?”

What are we going to do about it indeed? We continue to hold on to the hope that we will be delivered from this brewing dictatorship.

Start a movement for change by contributing to the People’s Manifesto today.


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