April 02, 2007

The only certain thing is uncertainty

From Cassandra’s Desk

I don't mind admitting that one is never too old to learn something new. In my case it has been re-discovering a simple but fundamental truth, which I feel bound to share. It's that certainty is a much undervalued commodity. We take it for granted when we have it, yet we're rendered dangerously vulnerable when we don't.

For me, my uncertainty deepened by degree, almost in lock-step with the incremental escalation of Commodore Bainimarama's confrontation tactics over the course of the past year or so. Then, on December 5 he seized power by threatening to use his guns. That's when my sense of uncertainty peaked, or should I say bottomed?

Yet for others it had the opposite effect. The justifications advanced by Bainimarama at the time undoubtedly resonated with elements of the hoi polloi. Here's someone, they thought, who'll put things right. In other words, suddenly, with the brandishing of a gun, greater certainty was at hand.

Yet what have we got now? More uncertainty, that's what. And it's being generated by an increasingly moribund "interim" regime. Moribund? Well, let's take an example: Despite promises of an early statement, there's still no comprehensive public response by the junta to the Pacific Forum Ministers' Outcomes Statement of March 16. Surprised? Never! That's how Frank runs things. Go to his RFMF website and you'll see that no press releases have been issued since February 28. Now, is that a fearless, modern defence force on the move or what?

But seriously, rhetoric that sounded so focused, non-compromising and oh so noble a few months ago has been shown by subsequent events (non-events, actually) to have been a load of self-serving codswallop, and damn cynical and reckless codswallop at that!

I perceive that for an increasing number of Fijians there is a gradual, albeit reluctant, realization that they have been fed the big lie. It's a realization that will only give rise to more uncertainty.

It will be the worst kind of uncertainty - that gnawing, sometimes frightening feeling that not only engulfs individuals in a private despair but, as the "interim" regime flounders on and the economy weakens further, will continue to work its way in to the national psyche.

Speaking of matters psychological, I have no qualifications in this field, but who needs a medical degree to discern the bleeding obvious in the case of our self-appointed dictator? Simply consider his words and promises, compare them with his actions - and it's painfully clear that Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama is a few bananas short of a decent picnic. In this time of uncertainty, that's at least one thing that is certain. It's marvelously ironic, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, even though Bainimarama talks and talks and talks. The public will not be fooled, his supposed clean up campaign has only full filled one ambition- and thats to pay Qarase back or should I say teach him a lesson about not biting the hand that feeds him lol

At the end of the day, Frank and his minions Leweni, Driti and the bunch can talk and talk and talk but the people dont care about whose right or wrong. All we care about is how well either side was and is able to convert their manifesto and or mandates into reality, something that the IG has had little success at.

For all their talk, civilian arrests, killings, smart-mouthing international partners and all, the IG's successes are shadowed by the messes that they have put us in. For the first time in our little countrys coup history, us grassroots peoples are really feeling the effects of the coups.

Good job FB and Co. You have undoubtably been able to successfully put Fiji back atleast 10-15 years by my laymans estimates.

Link van Zion said...

If you think things are uncertain now, just wait til these clowns try to bumble their way through the next two years or so until elections! Even with Mahen in their ranks, I still predict they'll quickly fall to the level of Rabuka's SVT - lurching from crisis to crisis like a drunken bum!

Anonymous said...

Re the lack of press releases on the RFMF website, word is that the guy who maintains the site has not been in a position to do so, for perfectly normal and legitimate reasons.

I can't answer the question of why nobody else has been able to provide updates in his absence - could be any number of reasons.

Unprofessional and incompetent? Yes.
Sinister and underhanded? No, I don't think so.
I think this is a case of trying to read between the lines when nothing is there. Not everything is a conspiracy - including this comment! haha! :-)

Anonymous said...

The old saying " the pen is mightier than the sword" just may ring true in this present situation, however, we might change a few words and say " the keyboard is mightier than the gun" to better suit matters.
We are very lucky to be living in this age of modern technology, however there are those who still do not have access to this technology and rely on newspapers and the media for their source of information. That being said it would be premature of us to think that the old coconut wireless system that has been present since time immoral has not been burning red hot- the opposite is true. My question then is this, will we see another Orange Movement but this time in the South Pacific, to oust corruption and bring back Democracy? How long can they oppress and suppress the people before they rise and stand against such misappropriated justice?
As for the Commander, folks, he's not that smart, he has advisers around him who have been in the game of politics for years, in fact they are from the Mara Regime, and doesn't it seem so coincidental that these same advisers are the ones pulling the string and crying corruption yet they were the ones that organized the white collar criminal activities that made the Mara dynasty powerful in its day. Oh and are we not now on the verge of finding out that the new VP will be none other than Epeli Nailatikau married to Mara's daughter, and speculated new Interim PM Epeli Ganilau who has also married another of Mara's daughters. Need I remind you that Epeli Ganilau lost in the last election, in fact no one in his party got a seat. The two of them claim they no nothing about the appointments, I'm sure they'll do their best to act surprised when it becomes official.
So what? you may say, well, I ask you to look back at why they are so adamant about keeping those lines in power. Wake up people, the Fijian people have been conned for so long. It goes back to the days of Sukuna, who systematically rewrote family liniages and the fijian social structure. Why do you think Bainimarama removed Judge Fatiaki? In 1996 Judge Fatiaki returned the position of Buli Raviravi in Bua to the true owner of the title after it was proved that the person holding it since the last veitarogi vanua was not of the original line, it was also proved that Buli raviravi that was imposed by Sukuna was of Tongan descent. Was Justice Fatiaki about to unveil more fraudulent claims, and rule in favor of the truth.
IF the old social structure is returned to the Fijian people then, lands,clans, family lines, and titles will get a complete overhaul. Sukuna and Mara played major roles in ensuring that the main power and loyalites lied with the Tui Lau, which incidentally was a title that died with Ma'afu. It was in their best interest and still is to maintain the Mara Dynasty. Mara's mother was a concubine not a wife. If you are offended by this statement that's unfortunate, it's a simple fact and history.
And then there's Qarase. Of course Qarase, being a banker, let the money talk and we now see the level of corruption he managed to engulf himself in. It seems though that he may have seen the advantages of trying to implement this change, seeing of course that the Fijian people would continue to support him while he played monopoly with the country's money. And how about that introduction of the Qoliqoli bill. That bill would serve the indigenous people, however all of those who obtained land through a bottle of rum or otherwise might see the end of their claim to property in Beautiful Fiji.
To say that this or any other coup has anything to do with racial prejudices is a joke. In my opinion it was a political coverup for the real motives of the real cronies who were power hungry usurpers.
I for one was totally disgusted when I found out from my Aunty who lives on Beqa, that when Ro Lala was still alive in her last years ordered each of the villages on Beqa to give her $1000.00. No reason was given, they were just ordered to come up with the money and give it to her. They already have next to nothing, no running, water, no electricity, no flush toilets and she expected them to give her money, for what. To give to her grandchildren, or so that her children could go overseas on a shopping spree. And now we see the continuation of the Mara family still trying to retain power. Well let me tell you, their days are numbered. Soon all of their family ties will mean nothing. And Bainimarama who is protecting their interests will go out in shame, because the TRUTH shall set the Fijian people free. When will someone step up to lead the people because they love them and wish to serve?


Ana Kilanivanua, Fiji Islands