May 01, 2007

It’s 9am – do you know where your people are?

There are no more words to be said. It’s time for INaction – at your place!

While Frank and Mahend are doing the “schmooze” thing with ACP visitors at Denarau Island, the Junta continues to do what they know best.

Leweni maintains that the Public Emergency regulations will be lifted only WHEN THEY DECIDE there are no threats to national security…sounds like his broken “need to know” record on the Close-Up programme...whatever.

Driti’s doing another round of deflection, this time slamming Rabuka. It is not a pretty sight to be seeing military men flexing publicly. Driti has just given away his Achilles heel. That of media whore without the substance to back-up any measure of credibility.

Last but not least Ms Tebbutt of the FABC and her take on the “smart but smarter” sanctions needs a mention. First of all from a very pragmatic angle, the Immigration Dept of Oz does not have the time to be assessing travel needs on a case-by-case basis. They serve the immigration needs of maaaaaaany people and it is extremely labour intensive for them to be doing background checks on all of Fiji’s little wanna-be “forward movers”.

Secondly if the “strong people” who she mentions as probable worthy candidates were really interested in moving the country forward, what the hell does going to Australia have to do with it? Their core responsibilities should be in Fiji and fixing it up. If they need to contact Australia (whatever for is my question as most of our aid programmes are probably frozen), Fiji is not Timbuktu and telecommunications are quite advanced i.e. video conferencing and the good ol’ telephone.

Sorry Caz but your sanctions “raw data” needs more work.

Any-old-whoo...stay at home today and chill out. I’m off to join Capt Freedom’s crew for a bit of early morning kava!

Keep a note in your diaries...May 3rd is Media Freedom Day.


Anonymous said...

It's 9am and everybodys' at work. No protest. Just good hard work. People are not fools. We want to take Fiji forward unlike a few we know of who are hidden somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1 - you can't seem to see beyond Bainivuaka's shit on your nose!!!! Take Fiji forward ha - you and your family are a joke - yes that's right you and your family!!!!! Oh just watch what will happen towards the end of this month from within camp.....

Anonymous said...

To Anon 2, this is Anon 1: so you predicting something to happen next month, how undemocratic for u to say that. It seems u want something undemocratic to happen. So finally you habe shown your true colours eh.

fijisoul said...

nothing's going to happen towards the end of the month from the camp except an interview by M. Leweni about the current situation... let's not blow this out of proportion like the RFC site normally does with it's "earth-shattering" claims.

Anonymous said...

Baigani gaga or whatever his name is has got something u his sleeve....a gun and a knife which he will use it on himself if he is not careful......all his comments on the media is done in a cowardly act.....

fijisoul said...

looks like anon2 supports the destablization of a country and looks forward to seeing havoc in the towns and cities

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Intelligentsiya and RFC have been blocked from all Govt computers? Looks like the work of the IT boss

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm work, whoever came up with the idea of staying away from work is delusioned, just wondering whether he has a job with the amount of time he spends on the blog, unless he's willing to pay for the loss of salary incurred for staying home....... democracy is coming people, no need to be haters, everyone is getting what's coming to one will escape the long arm of the law...well with the exception of

Waraka, voleka

яεѕιѕт ŘŦĈ αďміή said...

I have always appreciated the fact that Intelligentsiya, unlike the RFC blog site, which openly encourages violent and active racism and supports the torture of children, has always asbstained from going beyond what the site was initially setup for - passive and diplomatic resistance to future coups, a quick return to democracy and a honest society for children to grow up in. I would urge Intelligentsiya not to publish any comments which encourage racial violence towards the innocent civilians of our society or support a blogger who is a proponent of such extremist behavior. The site has (to some extent) focussed on the real issues and I commend the author(s) for this. It is interesting to read your articles (even though they come a little slow at times!) and it feels good to be able to participate in a community of discussions where we are able to discuss issues rationally without resorting to behavior below us.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more articles (no made-up stories like RFC please!) on this site in the future!

Anonymous said...

Hello May 1 call was a flop
Everybody is at work without a stop
Except the fools from this blog
Who seem to be sipping the grog
Without any care for Fiji
That will only ruin Fiji

Keep The Faith said...

Look folks as a moderator we have to say that we won't be allowing any more "hater" comments about other blogs.

The choice is yours every time you point and click on a URL.

You make your choice but don't detract others who choose to visit them. If you do want to "detract" then by all means start your own blog and do it there -- just don't do any hating over here.

Bainivore said...

haha. For all those military based nuts that sent in their comments about May've missed the point all together.

The fact is the people of this country really really want to take FIji forward, it's just that they want to take Fiji forward without the likes of Voreqe, Driti, Lewenski, Ganilau, Nailatikau, Chaudhry, and all those other coup apologists and supporters who have

The very fact that that Mr Ram came out in public to state that any civil servant staying home today will be punished is a point in itself - this protest has won!
Wether people stayed at home or not, the fact is the illegal interim administration has covered up to once again deny us our rights to express and voice our opinions on the matter at hand - They won't accept any opinion but theirs.

The fact that Lewenski thought it necessary to make a public statement denying any success of this protest is success enough for the protest. It means that the illegal military administration is still trying to suppress the voice of this nation - they've done it with the GCC and will continue to do it to the people of Fiji.

Fact: Emergency Decree has been extended for another month.
Fact: People stayed home, or just didn't work (i know my civil servant friends turned up to work but didn't do anything at all!)
Fact: Lewenski and other pro-military nuts thought it necessary to make public statements denying this protest's publicity.
That was publicity in itself.

So I went to work late (lewenski you reading this) and as a civil servant, did what civil servants are famous for...Fiji Time.

The fact is, as a civil servant, I do not agree with the military administration and the illegal coup perpetrators. Voreqe in 2005 harped on about not giving coup perpetrators amnesty and instead gave him and his men amnesty within 6 weeks of carrying out his own coup.

Lewenski just made a complete fool of himself on Sunday's Close Up program, and again in today's Fiji TV news broadcast re: an article written by someone with far more intellect that lewenski could ever dream of!.

I call upon the people of FIji to continue protesting, keep pushing for the return of Elections as early as possible! Get rid of this illegal military administration run by fools and criminals!

As a civil servant, I know I will!

ps: Yes the Govnet Administrators have banned any browsing to the notorious blogspots. This can be easily done at ITC Services by their administrators. I believe this place is now run by a Naval Commander.

яεѕιѕт ŘŦĈ αďміή said...

hello "keep the faith."

Thank you for your words of wisdom. I think the reason I chose to highlight the RFC site is because of the articles they publish, some of which, is beginning to border on terrorism and militia styled behavior. I chose to commend your site because it does not stoop to that level and encourages dialogue rather than calling on all Fijians to rally against all the Indians and such ideas as can be found on the RFC site. What really worries me is the comments and suggestions made on the site with some members suggesting that the children of the coup plotters be harmed physically or even killed if possible. The RFC author's rely heavily on your site's prominence to gain support for their site and it was my hope that Intelligentsiya would not encourage this site any more by removing its link from the links widget on this website.

Please understand that there is a slow but steadily growing dissent against RFC because of their recent articles which urged for bloodshed and violence throughout our society and it would perhaps be prudent to dis-associate this site from the RFC site.

яεѕιѕт RFC admin said...

Hi All!!! Here's a nifty little trick I use at work to bypass the work firewall which blocks sites such as blog sites or any site the company wants blocked. I go to, enter the url of the banned site and hit the "Surf Anonymously" button to start browsing anonymously and bypassing the firewall altogether.

If any of your readers are having trouble browsing at work, you can always use the suggested method.


Anonymous said...

chi chi, us gang man...we sa win the battle bro. No matter what leweni and them say, the fact that they saw it fit to make a media statement and the fact that the IT boss and co are blocking this site and also sending emails about the boycott...we know from this that the battle is already woN


Remebering that old christian song people

Anonymous said...

This call was a flop, everybody knows in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Toanon O4 May 16:44: where was this Christianity song in 2000. can you pass this to the the GCC as well and put some sense into them about racism?