February 26, 2009

Aage Picche, Liumuri, Posers and Pretenders

Heck. This must be the day for clarifying definitions and getting the warped one’s straight.

The Thakurji continues to get it wrong with his outright support for Teleni’s unconstitutional religious crusade in the workplace.

He blatantly misses the point that many are ostracising Teleni not only because of his attempts at religious or ethnic supremacy or the fact that he overdid his disciplining. The point of contention is that the approach used by Teleni was simply out of line and certainly unworthy of a public office holder. The evidence of this debacle simply highlighted that that was the face of military tyranny (which has and will continue to similarly affect many people), that would otherwise remain veiled.

If you are a leader and are mentoring or coaching for improved behaviour or performance, foul language and a condescending tone is not going to get you anywhere. Any HR textbook, will tell you that. The public outcry just proves that people are realizing the power of the constitution and what it protects -- not what the FHWRC tells us that it protects.

The Thakurji then proceeds to slam all who have had opinions on the Teleni Disaster and labelled us as Aage Picche, Liumuri & Hypocrites. Aage Picche is a Hindi term and Liumuri is a Fijian term. Both aptly define the English word – Hypocrite.

In defining the english term hypocrite, Princeton’s online definition lays the term out as:

(n) hypocrite, dissembler, dissimulator, phony, phoney, pretender (a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives)

Colloquially one could also say that hypocrites are posers or are pretentious or frontin’ .

There are simply no shortages of posers within the Military Junta and their inner circle. As always the proof is in the pudding.

For instance, if one were to pose the question: Was the Coup of 6/12 a Coup? This group of pretenders have already publicly laid their cards on the table:

And again the list of phonies goes on and on and on (and on and on).

If anything the biggest poser would have to be the Thakurji himself who continues to have worldview mood-swings between the cushy life in South Auckland and the struggles in Fiji by trying to show that he cares for Indo-Fijians here with flawed and bipolar logic.

Unfortunately for the posers, the game was up a long time ago. By coming out of the woodwork en masse is Mission Accomplished for many.


Tim said...

Christ! I'm harking back to the Thakurji's past comments - i.e. certain human rights abuses are the price we pay for a road to democracy.
Not only is it something someone would say who considers himself amongst the "elite" - but it totally disregards progress already made along that road.
Did I hear some f^&kwit talk about "moving Fiji forward" a couple of years ago?
Then you look at the list of pop-idols and holier-than-thou apologists, and it all becomes clear.
That's also the list that (were it post-Stalin Russia, or Thailand, or post-Mugabe Zimbabwe, or almost anywhere in South America) might well be facing the firing squad, Just as well the chamion of Human Rights Shaista can shoot a pistol and is so butch! She's so tuff that gurl, why she can even protect up and comming Bubba as well as the pathetic Gates (and his own enterage) at the flik of a wrist.
As for Rouse - how sad that any positive accomplishments people like her (and others such as Scutt) have made have been shat on by their own stupidity. But then its often the case that the dysfunctional are just that because they invest serious effort in others rather than dealing with their own F67ked up lives first.
But......I reckon I'd be more than able to shout "Fire". They seem to forget that collectively they've been responsible for f^&king over an entire nation, whether or not their initial motivation had good intentions. Stuff 'em!

Tim said...

What's more Intelligentsiya, if I did shout "Fire", I'd have a good excuse - I'd simply resort to the morals and justification of the Thakhurji: "It's just the price we must pay on the road to democracy"