February 24, 2009

The Colour of Our Money

When our national reserves custodians bleat their warnings, it’s often a good thing to heed their advice and react accordingly.

Their assessments of the state of the economy since 6/12 have not painted a picture too different from the real state of play. Fiji has, with Bainimarama at the helm, been and continued to beg, borrow and steal more than we have or make.

Our credit ratings have dropped again which makes us a risky borrower on the global arena that is already stricken.

More worryingly, the effects of Bainimarama’s weak fiscal policies are rearing ugly heads all over the place. Mr Teleni at the helm of the Police Force prompts the all-out pursuing of his unconstitutional spiritual agenda as crime escalates.

Mr Chaudhry’s attempts to remain a relevant and informed commentator on the state of our economy is quickly given a douse of realism.

So what's the colour of our money? Red---in it, under it and overwhelmed by it.

1 comment:

FijiGirl said...

Good to see you back, Intelligentisya.
In Zimbabwe, one Morgan Tsvangrai's initiatives for winning over the armed forces is to pay them in US dollars.

Perhaps our pro-Democracy movement could do the same thing.

Tempt soldiers onto the Good Side by offering to pay them in Aussie or NZ dollars.

God bless Fiji