February 13, 2009

Dorsami Naidu in the Line of Fire

Dorsami Naidu, the current President of the Fiji Law Society continues to take a hit for the upholding of constitutional rule.

Firstly he came out strongly against the sham appointment of the II Chief Justice, Anthony Gates.

This is responded to firstly by an administrative official from the Courts Registry.

Which triggers a fabulous reaction from the regime’s judicial hatchet-man, Christopher Pryde.

Followed by a nice rounding off from InJustice Pathetik.

Mr Naidu now appears to be having the last laugh.

So. Just like clockwork. Perfect synchronization.

It’s still an "independent judiciary" *raise eyebrow now*.


Anonymous said...

The judiciary is clearly a lost cause and will most likely receive top priority attention in the real "clean up" when Fiji gets back to parliamentary democracy. I wonder if Intelligentsiya can list Bainimarama's favourite judges and magistrates so the world can continue to be reminded of them, starting with in-Justice Pathik, Shamimi, etc...

Keep The Faith said...

Coming right up Anon ;)