February 27, 2009

Movers: In, Out, Around & About

This week there were lot’s of movements.

It begins with Bainimarama himself perhaps confirming an omen for the week, where he picks himself up from one end of Ratu Sukuna Road to another.

These however are the poor folks who have been moved out by the junta posers:

  • Taito Tabaleka, CEO of Telecom Fijisent on leave by the Board: reasons still largely unclear
  • Charles Sweeney, Chair Commerce Commission – now replaced by Dr Mahendra Reddy
  • Rt Isoa Tikoca – Fiji Ambassador to PNG: contract terminated for “breach of duty”
  • Niko Buke, PWD Divisional Engineer Central – sent on leave: reasons still largely unclear

Those who were moving about this week as part of the poser clique:

  • Surendra Sharma, “un-resigning” from his role as CEO for the Sugar Grower’s Council.
  • A new Water Authority Board which features (unsurprising) appointments such as Mrs Filipe Bole as board member and NZ’er John Prasad as board Chair.

The late chairman of the Electoral Commission, MK Sahu Khan moved from this world to the next, and was laid to rest early this week. Mr Sahu Khan was a supporter of delayed elections and is/was uncle to the Shameem sisters.

What won’t be moving UP thankfully are salary hikes penciled against Bainimarama’s inner circle militia who were assessed somehow as having outstanding performance. Pseudo gallantly, they pull the “officer and gentleman” routine, forego their salary increases and allow civil servants to get their’s.

The only problem is that it’s much ado about nothing. Bainimarama’s inner circle were handed exceedingly hiked salaries upon taking many roles that they knew nothing about within Government (that’s why, for example, Mr Leweni has upgraded himself from a Toyota Corolla to a Toyota Prado/Landcruiser with personalized number plates NATSET to boot – hey presto!). The civil servants however were lumped with pay-cuts through no fault of their own and are just getting what is owed – albeit staggered.

Civil servants are still owed much more.


Tim said...

Frank and others better get themselves a couple more body guards each too. Look at how the Bangladesh Military just reacted after seeing their heirarchy with their snouts in the trough. I wonder what happens when the money runs out. It's likely to a 1000 times quicker than it ever did in Zimbabwe.

Keep The Faith said...

I watched that on the news Tim and you're dead right.

FijiGirl said...

Perhaps Vore believes that, by living next to the EU and US Envoys, he will absorb some of their credibility, by osmosis.
Or perhaps he thinks he'll be able to spy on them!
Yes, he is THAT stoopid...
Agree with the Bangladesh observation, as awful and grim as it is. And we, after all, not far removed from our cannibal days.
God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Leweni family struggling to keep up with the 'Jones'. Na via mai 1st family at taxpayer's expense, mai yaso! What a whinging blerry broadaylight family of THIEVES!