February 25, 2009

The Pranks continue to roll out for Rabaka Trial

This is hardly surprising.

In such a high profile trial such as this where our assessments are that public opinion is undivided, our only access to the going's on of the blow-by-blow accounts are now shut down.

The learned judge is not doing himself nor already tainted views of the independence of the judiciary any favours.

Perhaps we should be realistic and be prepared for judicial activism in action as an outcome.

More power to the Rabaka Family during this time.

Media stopped from covering proceedings
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

High court Justice Daniel Gounder has told journalists in the Lautoka High Court that they should not report anything of this morning’s court proceedings in the alleged murder of Sakiusa Rabaka.

When the trial began journalists were allowed in to listen to the morning proceedings and were also allowed to make notes.

However before the morning break, Justice Gounder ruled that the media should not report anything on this mornings proceedings until he makes a ruling.

A police officer and eight military officers are facing a charge of murder and assault.

All have pleaded not guilty.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation


FijiGirl said...

'What exactly are you so happy about?' Harry asked her.
'Oh, Harry, don't you see?' Hermione breathed. 'If she could have done one thing to make sure absolutely every single person in the school will read your interview, it was banning it!'
And it seemed Hermione was quite right. By the end of the day, though Harry had not seem so much as a corner of The Quibbler anywhere in the school, the whole place seemed to be quoting the interview to each other.
- From Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Copyright of J.K. Rowling

Vore insists on learning the hard way, don't he?

Tim said...

Let's face it, a sizeable proportion of the Fiji Judiciary are either in the pockets of the junta, or they're simply scared shitless. Some with principle have already left. Shades of Pakistan and Zimbabwe! But what they should realise is when it's all over they'll all be squeeling like pigs and pointing the trotter at others. They're already being laughed at universally so unless they're close to retirement, they should have an escape plan at the ready or prepare for a career in the doldrums.