February 26, 2009

We Feel a Vitriolic Tantrum Coming Up!

Uh Oh. Take cover Obama Administration.

Today Shaista Shameem lauded the Land Of the Free and it's justice system (which only as she can, gets twisted around as validation for the flawed Qarase verdict).

This evening however the US State Department’s annual release of their annual Human Rights Report on Fiji is very telling of just how much the world knows about everything happening in this place. Read the report in full here.

Contrary to Frank’s canoeing ambitions, no man (or country) is an island. With the economy flat-lining, our nearest and dearest are fleeing from our side. Hands will only be outstretched to like-minded values. Have democracy, will help. Otherwise, Bon Voyage -- it's a big ol' ocean out there.

The junta’s Attorney General is suddenly besieged with selective amnesia and demands proof that the judiciary is not independent. Someone. Please. Give. Him. A. Clue.

Anyhow. We can predict with certainty that Shameem will come out soon with gun’s blazing against the US touting the now standard “hypocritical” lines of 2006 and 2007. Yawn.

Shameem has already launched herself into a pitiful cat-fight as to “who is the fairest of all” in the human rights domain. It might interest these parties to know that Fiji was a leader in human rights, but from 6/12 we have continued to show all and sundry that rights custodianship can go horribly wrong. Frankly that's not a testimony that will win other Pacific nations over.


ex Fiji tourist said...

What a brilliant summary of the troubles and sufferings inflicted on Fijians by the moronic military morons.

This should be published in full by all of the local papers so that the people can read an accurate list of the miseries brought on by the jaundiced junta.

To think that all that the wet behind the ears fool pretending to be AG says is ,"show me the evidence."

Me thinks that the fool can't read.

Luis Portugal said...

It has a nice blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
A hug from my country, Portugal

Tim said...

Wait for it, wait for it!! Any sign of the tanty yet? I suspect she's still seething and calming herself with a bit of dak while she collects her thoughts and begins writing another epistle.