January 29, 2010

Australia's Travel Bans To Remain In Place

The first of many sign that Bainimarama and his military regime will continue to be shut out by Australia (and New Zealand).

Vinaka Australia!
Amid calls for change, Australia reaffirms Fiji policy
Australia has ruled out easing travel bans on the Fiji regime as long as there is a lack of progress towards returning Fiji to democracy and the rule of law.

The foreign ministry in Canberra says it has noted a paper by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute which calls on Australia to change its stance towards Fiji.

It says as soon as the Fiji interim government takes credible and concrete steps to return Fiji to democracy and the rule of law, consideration will be given to moderating travel and other sanctions.

It says travel sanctions, which apply to less than one per cent of Fiji’s population, remain an effective means of encouraging a return to democracy and the rule of law in Fiji.

Canberra has also ruled out a resumption of defence cooperation as the military commander, Commodore Bainimarama, leads an interim government which the Fiji courts have declared unlawful.

The ministry says Fiji’s suspension from the Forum and involvement in PACER Plus is a matter for the entire region to decide upon

It also says Fiji continues to benefit from privileged access to Australian markets, and Australia remains the largest foreign investor in Fiji, one of its top trading partners and its major source of tourism.


Anonymous said...

Amen!! VB is blaming Aussie and NZ for the hardships Fiji is facing, due to the travel Ban.
What a twisted brain of a man, he doesnt know that HE ih the problem.
May the ban continiue.

ex Fiji tourist said...

Let’s hope that krudd wakes smith from his slumber and gets him to respond to the oppressive regime that will be unleashed in Fiji in a few hours.

Why I could go to jail for life for saying that bananainpyjamas is the biggest loser ever in the dictator stakes.

Wake up krudd; our neighbours are hurting.

For the first time in your life, do something that actually makes a difference.

Update the travel advisories to inform Australians who are misguided enough to travel to Fiji, that they have N O legal protection whilst they are in a military dictatorship.

One slip of the tongue over a beer in a bar in Fiji could find an Australian tourist behind bars in a third world prison for the rest of their life.

The illegal, immoral, ill-conceived ‘decrees’ by the jaundiced junta are meant to put away all of the opponents of the illegal junta; many tourists will also get caught in this draconian nonsense.

KRUDD; wake up! Do something to help Fijians and Australians.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to see KRudd has decided not to involve Australia in Frank's little drama by retaining travel bans.
The junta is pissed off.
The appeasers are shouting that sanctions haven;t worked.
I have to agree in part. And that is because the so-calloed "smart" sanctions haven't really been THAT clever. (Just enough to look like an effort is being made, very disingenuous from the start)

Like I've said repeatedly over the years - WHY IS IT that Australia and NZ can provide haven to coup supporters, allow dodgy financial schemes to pass through their sovereign territory, and where they actually HAVE the means to do something - sit back twiddling their thumbs.
Why is it that undermining legitimate governments is sometimes seen as terrorism - to the extent that innocent doctors can be expelled fro working in Queensland, and others can serve time in Guantanamo for particpating in training but not actually doing anything, WHILST others can execute a coup, beat, murder and mame innocent people, use the facilities of Australia and NZ in terms of banking, setting up havens for family and friends - and it can all go on without any action?
Australia and NZ - "JUST ENOUGH to make it look like you're doing something and can appear moral.

Some of your citizens are aiding and abetting ACTIVELY.
A Queensland Doctor and a deluded individual who has now seen the light were comparatively passive in their endeavours yet suffered the full and idiotic aspects of your law.
The actively involved have yet to sample sanctions of any type other than to legitimately say we don't want you on our shores. (OK though if you want to sahunt off some of your family because things are getting a little tough at home, OK if you want to use the banking system to hide funds and steal, OK if NZ firms having had various assistance from government undertake activity that props up an illegal junta)!!!.

ex Fiji tourist said...

Michael Field is back at


Some good reads.