February 02, 2010

Nazhat Shameem Defends Her Handiwork

Don't you just love it when professional pride takes over common-sense, and individuals defend their handiwork without realizing just how much of the un-said they're inadvertently stating?

Here's another piece of evidence we're chalking down for future "developments".

We highly recommend that you download and read this illegal Crimes Decree 2009 for yourself.
Shameem clears air on treason offense
Publish date/time: 02/02/2010 [07:01]

Former High Court Judge Nazhat Shameem has rejected suggestions by some people that the Crimes Decree lists treason as an offence if people speak out against the government.

Shameem said the decree does not include anything of this nature and people making these comments may not have read the new law in detail.

Under the Crimes Decree, a person commits the offence of treason, if at the time of the offence being a Fiji citizen or resident, the person causes the death of the President or the Prime Minister, causes harm to the President or the Prime Minister, or imprisons or restrains the President or the Prime Minister.

Under the new decree, a person can also be charged with treason if he or she instigates a person who is not a citizen of Fiji to make an armed invasion of Fiji.

The penalty of treason is life imprisonment.

Receiving or assisting another person who has committed treason with the intention of allowing him or her to escape punishment or apprehension, also carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

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