December 14, 2010

Christopher Pryde; Apple Polisher Extraordinaire

Apple polishing for self preservation purposes sure seems to be the flavour of the week for the illegal and treasonous military regime.

The illegal and treasonous Christopher Pryde is on cue and pretends to tussle with Australia citing the need for Australia to take their cues from the region.

Oh Really Mr Pryde? What you mean Samoa, Melanesia, the Pacific?

The bottom line is that Pryde has just embarrassed Fiji by using a non-political forum to try to give his illegal and treasonous "guvment" credibility.

Sock it to him Australia -- Oy, oy, oy.
Fiji SG attacks Australia
Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Solicitor General Christopher Pryde has attacked Australia’s attitude towards Fiji at the recent 29th Pacific Islands Legal Officers Network meeting in Brisbane last week – labelling it as unprofessional and childish.

Pryde says the chair of the meeting chose to deliberately ignore Fiji.

Elenoa Osborne has more.

"Pryde says Australia’s behaviour - is unprofessional and disrespectful to Fiji as a Pacific island country.

Pryde says other countries in the region may have their differences of opinion with Fiji but they still treat Fiji with common courtesy and respect.

He says Australia need to take a lesson from other Pacific island countries and act in a way that is appropriate for the region.

Subsequently Fiji has rejected Australia’s Framework for Law and Justice Engagement in the Pacific.

Pryde says issues of money laundering, human trafficking and transnational crime are problems not just for Fiji but for the whole of the Pacific.

He says Australia’s policy of isolating Fiji and withholding assistance and co-operation at the operational level to tackle these issues demonstrates Australia is not wholly committed to the region.

Pryde is urging New Zealand, Australia and the Forum and Commonwealth Secretariats – to review their policies of isolation and non-co-operation with Fiji and work for the common good of the whole of the Pacific region and leave aside their political differences."

Report by: Elenoa Osbourne

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